About Us

Trio of Blogging Creatives

Be yourself. Everyone else already is taken.

~ Oscar Wilde

So, we are being ourselves and with ourselves we have created T.B.C, our new blog. We are a trio of creatives. Between us we have an exhausting amount of experience in acting, writing, teaching and producing work for the stage, radio, telly and schools. Sounds wanky, doesn’t it? And we bet you there are hundreds, literally thousands of such blogs, all talking about the woes of their experience within the industry and complaining about many things including that their Pret Tumeric Latte is never hot enough. Everyone has something to say about everything and the more outrageous your views, the more you find yourself in the social media limelight, propelled to instant fame. We love a talent-less hero with self proclaimed celebrity status.

What’s different about us? Well to start with there’s three of us. We are two women and one man – steady on – it’s not what you think, and well, we just want to part with some sound knowledge and experience of having a combined figure of about 45 years within in the industry. Plus we are asked a lot about our individual careers and what advice we can offer the next generation of creative humans.

We also we just want to dispel some myths about life and hope to offer you a refreshing and honest insight into the subjects that appeal to us. We don’t promise to be dynamite, we promise to be truthful, funny and real and we endeavour to give you ramblings that you can ponder over in your spare time.

Oh one other thing to note…We are operating under an alias. For no reason other than we choose to. You’ll get to know collectively and individually through our brutal, honest, sometimes idle, sometimes profound chat alone. You could see it as a blind date. You can choose to continue seeing us and getting to know us based on what we say and tell you. Or you can choose dump us, if you’re not impressed or patient enough to wait for us.

Can you trust us if you don’t really know us, know us? Well, did you know the person you interacted with on twitter this morning or the picture of the person you liked on Instagram this afternoon or even the company you just ordered your recent purchase from?? No right! So, in the same vain we ask you to swipe right, take a chance, give us a go – or whatever other cliché you want to stick in there.

Can we entice you, engage you, emote you to read further than our introduction? Do you want to get to know us? Well, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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Yours truly T. B. C…