21 Days of Abundance – A Guided Mediation


“Our thoughts generate words, words generate actions, actions – habits, habits – character, and character breeds fate.” – Mahatma Gandhi  

Welcome to our daily musings.  

Through this series “Alphabet of Abundance” we will be carefully journaling our experiences, as this will allow us to explore our feelings and talk through our discoveries.  As well as a tool for excavating and trying to understand our own thoughts and emotions, we thought it would be a nice idea for you to join us on this journey too.  You may find it useful, interesting and enlightening or it may just simply give you something to ponder over.  Equally, we are just as happy for you to take a walk through our minds without judgement or expectation.   

It starts with a group text.  There is an affirmation to write down and it is recommended that we revisit this throughout the day.  A little assignment to complete, and then an 8-minute guided meditation in which Deepak Chopra talks us through the aim of the course and helps us set our intension for the day.  It is recommended that participants complete the assignments within 24 hours of receiving the text.  

Day 1 – A is for Attracting Abundance.  

Today I behold the abundance that surrounds me.” 

Abundance according to the online dictionary means; 

“A very large quantity of something.” 

And in the Cambridge Dictionary it is described as: 

“…a situation in which there is more than enough of something…” 

The sound of the clock ticking becomes extremely loud as I try to decipher what abundance means to me.  Tick tock.  Tick tock.  Tick tock.  All I can think of, as I drink my tea, is that I have a very large quantity of tea and coffee which is serving me well throughout this lockdown.  “Lockdown” is the situation in which I seem to have “more than enough” tea and coffee.  So much so that I think it might even outdo lockdown.   

This Abundance of tea and coffee makes me feel incredibly full.  The sort of full you feel when you’ve hugged your favourite person about a million times.  To me, a tea or a coffee is like that ‘hug in a mug’.  We all know what effect a good cup of tea or coffee can have on the mind and body.  They can make the rainiest of days brighter, lift your spirits and revitalise your being.  My sister and I can go 10 rounds in a verbal assault, but the mention of a tea always helps to ease the pain and tension after an argument.  

I enjoy reading a script whilst drinking coffee and it’s as though can I feel the ideas brewing away in my head and off the page with each sip.  I particularly adore making a coffee for my partner in the morning, and in fact, one of my favourite things to do, is catch up with friends and family over a coffee and/or a tea.  For me, it’s these precious moments of closeness and intimacy that are created from sharing a cuppa that make life better. 

Tea and coffee offer an abundance of soothing happiness and that feeling, for the most part, gives us hope that everything will turn out alright.  And I for one am very grateful for everything tea and coffee bring into my life. 

What does abundance mean to you? 

Have beautiful day. 


11 thoughts on “21 Days of Abundance – A Guided Mediation

  1. I attribute abundance to what I am grateful for – an abundance of love to/from my loved ones and friends. In my opinion, you can think of abundance whenever you feel receptive to something positive in your life. Thanks for sharing this…

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  2. The fact I made a cup of tea before I read this, is the exact kind of universal fate that I live for!
    Whether it’s a cuppa for you or a brew for me; our thoughts are the same. We connect and converse over a tea or coffee and it seems that the world can always be put right when that kettle goes on.
    A lovely read ✨

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    1. Hahaha! It was meant to be. When I read your tweet – my heart burst with fullness. Thank you for stopping by (with your cuppa) and helping us to nake sense of our world. Looking forward to reading more of your series. And huge thanks for inspiring us. Enjoy the sun x


  3. Thanks for sharing this post. It’s interesting as my initial reaction to the word abundance is a bit negative. I think I associate it with having “too much” , which then takes me to memories of not having enough…food, confidence, love. For me, there is a notion of balance that comforts me. Enough to satisfy me fully, to satisfy everyone fully, but not excessive, not “more than enough”. I’m at a loss for the appropriate word to express this elegantly. Thanks again for starting the conversation.

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    1. Hey Montyvern, thank you for taking the time to read and comment. We appreciate your thoughts. We agree with you – balance is a good way to look at it. Balance in which there is enough for all of us and I guess that’s what this meditation might be about. To find the balance and centre in ones self to then be able to experience life from it. Have a beautiful day. The sun is out enjoy x


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