B is for Blocks (mental) – 21 Days of Abundance

“There are no road blocks to success, only mental blocks.”  Manu Sherya Sharma


Day 2 – B is for Blocks (mental)

“I create my personal abundance from an infinite source”

I woke up early this morning and just lay there as I allowed myself to come around.  I like to do this – spend at least 15-20 minutes laying there just listening to my surroundings; a bee buzzing around my open window, the birds chirping away like they are having a mothers meeting and the neighbours children already out in their back gardens kicking seven bells out of each other – it’s a way of showing affection, apparently. And then…silence.  All I can hear is the gentle whisper of the wind.  I slowly open my eyes and let the light in. I am thankful for another day.

The first thing I do when I finally get round to checking my phone, is send a morning text to my partner.  Then I read todays assignment.  “Write down in your notebook all outstanding debts you have.”  I don’t read further than this line as I automatically begin to feel the discomfort of having to assess my financial situation.  Money is like that.  Some of us have a hard time talking about it, making it and spending it. 

Pursuing a career in acting isn’t easy.  I remember one summer I had no work booked in, in fact, the whole year had been barren.  I’d signed on and was desperately seeking work, any work.  Whilst the dole office pushed me from pillar to post and left me without any money for 8 weeks, I remember counting the pennies in my money box (an empty 2 litre milk bottle) to make up the £’s just so that I could buy basic groceries.  I promised myself I would never be in that position again.  I ended up holding down 4 jobs just to make sure there was money in the bank.  Money for when work dried up or an unexpected expense slapped me in the face or when the tax man came calling.

This is day two of 21 and I’ve already hit a block, but there is a part of me that has singed up to participate.  There is a whole group of people, the “21 Dayers”, on the other side of the text all there to support each other through the meditation.  We, at T.B.C, have even decided to dedicate our first blog series to talk about it.  It’s all over twitter.  It would be both wrong and cowardly to abandon everyone and the mission.  I have a responsibility towards our readers, the “21 Dayers” and my team of bloggers.  I have a responsibility towards myself.

I guess, in a way, that’s the point.  When ever we try something new or different, it is bound to feel uncomfortable. Resisting what scares us or makes us feel uneasy means we stay the same.  Facing it and making different choices means we allow change to happen.  When change happens, we grow.  We lean in towards trying to understand why we may have certain hangs ups, thus revealing a little bit more about ourselves and the people we chose to bring in to our lives.

Not continuing because I don’t like talking about my finances, or because I am scared that I might lose everything, robs me of self-discovery.  I still have 19 days to go.

I read the affirmation again and press play on my phone. Deepak Chopra’s voice soothes me “Open your heart and mind up to the possibility that you can attract anything you want in life”. I sit at my table and begin to write down what I know of my personal financial situation.  And…it doesn’t scare me as much as I thought.

What has blocked you from propelling forwards towsrds gaining a deeper understanding of yourself?

Enjoy the sun.


4 thoughts on “B is for Blocks (mental) – 21 Days of Abundance

  1. Montyvern…we absolutely love and appreciate your interaction with us. Thank you for posting such vulnerability and sharing your journey and I, for one, am glad that the post prompted you to want to share. I love the fact that writing was the way through for you. I firmly believe that the creative arts are our salvation, helping us to maintain sound mental health and a way of healing not only ourselves but the world too. Self expression is important and the arts have a wonderful way of allowing us to be; whether that’s through writing, painting, acting, singing or dancing. The arts teach us communication, compassion and understanding and all those are needed if we are to develop and grow. We have to have the tools to understand our emotions however dark they become, and I believe the creative arts shows us how. Your writing touches the heart, because it comes from the heart. And you’ve found a way to connect with many other people who may be in the same situation but unable to speak about it. This is what I feel about theatre and acting. I am often moved by a story or an actor for their portrayal of a character and I go away thinking about that it! Il spend days marvelling at different components because they resonated with me. And its the same when I am performing. If my storytelling or performance can affect/lift even one person and it helps them make a positive change in their lives, then I can leave this earth a happy person. Art soothes many souls as well as our own! Have a beautiful day, my friend. And thank you once again for your feedback x


  2. For the longest time I had a block related to mental health/depression. I had daily chronic pain and it was perfectly reasonable to be depressed but I felt somehow accepting the diagnosis would be a permanent admission of weakness. It was a very very long journey but I eventually discovered that by addressing my mental health directly I managed and then resolved my chronic pain. It felt like a miracle after 30+ years of pain, when I had a moment I didn’t feel anything, and then I was available to feel everything. Just to share in case anyone is suffering chronic pain that is unexplained physiologically, the solution came in the form of daily self-care rituals Including simple CBT exercises, mindful meditation, and expressive writing. I think the writing was the key unlock for me personally. This was a guided program from an online app so if anyone has need please reply and I can provide the name of the app to you if you have interest. So a bit of a long share, but thought it all relevant to your post. Thanks again for your blog. Enjoy it very much.

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