C is for Calm – 21 Days of Abundance

Alphabet of Abundance  

Day 3C is for Calm

“Today I focus on what I want to attract in my life” 

This morning I felt slightly frazzled and rushed as I thought about my “to do” list for the day.   

  • Reply to my agent 
  • Complete day 3 of 21 days 
  • Write this post 

Oh, and find questions for a general knowledge quiz for later on in the week.  It’s not much when you think about it and lockdown has given us the time, at least.  Yet, I stressed about fitting it all in.  I rushed downstairs to get washed up and make a start.  I also needed a wee and felt that the pressure of needing a wee seemed to ramp up my anxiety and panic. 

Whilst brushing my teeth, I felt the sun heat the bathroom through the window.  This made me stop and assess where my mind was.  I have things to do, fine, and they are all somewhat important – I guess.  However, nothing was more important than calming my mind and actually talking time out.   

“Today I focus on what I want to attract into my life.”   

Well, first of all I think I need to adopt a positive vibrant state of mind and that means letting go.  Letting go of the anxiety I woke up with.  Letting go of the pressure I put on myself to get things done and letting go of other stresses.  

We are lucky enough to have a garden and I step out into the warmth and am instantly lifted as the sun kisses my skin.  There is a gentle breeze with a slight chill but the sun is powerful and provides energy right through our garden.  The birds are there chattering away, and I can hear the sound of my dad’s footsteps as he completes his daily exercise. 

Today’s task involves drawing.  We are advised to use as many colours in as many different forms as is possible; crayons, pencils, paints, felt-tip pens…basically anything you can use to build this picture of abundance.  We are asked to draw money of all kinds; bank notes, coins, cards, cheques, stocks, gold bullions and bonds.  It is recommended that you allow yourself to let go fully and get creative, as the aim is to draw enough money to cover the debts you wrote down in yesterday’s task.  

Clinical Psychologist Ben Michaelis explains that colouring is known as an “autotelic activity, meaning that it is an immersive and absorbing behaviour that is rewarding in and of itself.  Autotelic activities tend to decrease anxiety and self-consciousness.  Colouring reduces stress by drawing your attention to a concrete and repetitive activity.  This increases your focus and activates portions of your parietal lobe, which is connected to your sense of self and spirituality.”  When we pray or meditate it is this very part of the brain that is activated.  Full article https://www.huffpost.com/entry/why-colouring-is-good-for-the-mind-and-soul_b_8421922 @HuffPostLife

I am not the greatest illustrator and this task feels a little weird, but I allow the creativity to flow, freely.  I like to be positive and I will always see the beauty in something but, I have never really stopped to visualise and then to put that down on paper.  I don’t know why that is, but this guided meditation has meant that I spend at least 5 minutes a day visualising.  And I have to say that the feeling I get from visualising is one of freedom and positivity that courses through every cell of my body.  It is quite uplifting and liberating as I can think of literally anything I want.  Any amount of money, any colour, any source, a house by the beach with my partner in crime, fruit trees that I grow in my back garden and share with the rest of my community…just because I can.  It is empowering and it motivates me to carry the feeling of abundance within my heart for as long as I want.  As the old saying goes – If you can see it, you can achieve it. 

As I being to engage, fully, with the activity of visualising and creating colourful money, I can feel myself letting go of any anxieties I may have.  I focus on the colours and it brings joy and peace.  I visualise myself in this moment having enough money to pay off my debts, and get a nice holiday in with my partner.  I am lying on a very hot sunny beach listening to low rumble of the ocean.  All is calm and I certainly have enough to enjoy life. 

What will you draw today in your minds eye? 

Have a beautiful day. 


2 thoughts on “C is for Calm – 21 Days of Abundance

  1. Another fantastic post! I meditate most days, the main thing I aim to do is wake up with gratitude but like you that quickly subsides when the usual rush of life hits you. Calm is so important for clarity and weirdly enough I have started colouring more so the background on this was interesting to read. Loving the daily dose of you all!
    Love She x

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