D is for Deepak Chopra – 21 Days of Abundance

“Speak only when your words are more beautiful than silence” – Imam Ali (a.s)

Day 4 – “From this moment forward, I invite unlimited abundance into my life”

Today’s task was to make a list of the people I consider to be prosperous in my family and circle of friends. There are many such beings in my family and close circle that I draw inspiration from, notably my sister. She is married, with children, and has a successful career in advertising. She has exactly what she has always wanted. Some of it is down to hard work, but most of it is down to her taking the time really with herself and learn who she is.

Back in the day, my sister and I shared a room together. I was busy trying to be an actor and she was working a job in London which she despised. She would wake up in the morning and head straight downstairs for a shower, only to return and lay back on the bed. Her hair and body would be wrapped in a towel, and she would just stare at the ceiling for at least 20 minutes. One day, curiosity got the better of me and I asked her what she was doing and she replied “I’m mentally preparing for the day.”

She did this every day for a year and then suddenly things started to change. She found a job closer to home, she smashed records, stacked up annual bonuses, met a lovely man (whom I wasn’t sure about, at first) and was married within two years. It didn’t stop there. When she turned 30, she got married, bought a house and went to Sri Lanka for her honeymoon. All in the same year! Nine years on, my sister is now an extraordinary mother to two beautiful nightmares, has a bigger house (with the same devoted husband) and, low and behold, she is still smashing records.

I know this may not be everyone’s path. However, I wanted to use my sister as an example because she was sub consciously planning and laying the foundation for abundance so that when it came, she could receive it. I admire and draw inspiration from her every day.

Another person I am drawing inspiration from is Deepak Chopra who is to blame for this whole blog series. If we had not agreed to join the 21 Days of Abundance WhatsApp group, our blogs would be about something else. Deepak Chopra uses ‘Quantum Mechanics’ in order to describe the body, saying that the body is made not of matter but of energy and information which is interchangeable; it can speed up, slow down, stop for a time and even reverse the effects of aging as it is dependent on the state of one’s mind. He also believes that our consciousness has the power to heal our bodies, keep them free from ailing and aging and, perhaps controversially, even eradicate the existence of cancer. He connects consciousness with the universe and believes that consciousness creates our reality, “we are not physical machines that have learned to think…(but) that thoughts have learned to create a physical machine”. That’s quite interesting when you think about it.  What he is saying is that we are ‘thought’ or energy before we are physical, which must mean that we can bring into existence any reality we chose just by the way we think about it.

Dr Joe Dispenza, is an international lecturer, researcher and author, who is driven by the conviction that each of us has the potential for greatness and unlimited abilities. So much so that he healed and taught himself to walk again in just nine and half weeks, after a horrific car accident left him paralysed from the legs down. Another one of our favourites is Abraham Hicks, who is an inspirational spiritual speaker and suggests that we are energy and vibration and that when we reach our ‘higher-flying disc’ of vibration, we are able to achieve anything we put our minds to, even cure ourselves of illness. Of course these are my personal beliefs, and we will always be able to find sufficient evidence to back our thinking. I guess I am asking you to suspend your disbelief and see where that could possibly take you.

For me, although it is only day 4, I am feeling the affects of slowing down and really listening to that inner voice. It is not just positive thinking malarkey, it is actively choosing to rewire your thinking. Instead of just going along with what life throws at you, you chose what gets thrown and how you want to catch it. It is that thinking which connects us to our higher self when we sit in silence and meditate. It is that thinking which allows growth and self development. It is that thinking which allows us to reach a potential in which we can create a reality for ourselves, one that is full of clarity, abundance and connectedness.

What will you create with your thoughts today?


4 thoughts on “D is for Deepak Chopra – 21 Days of Abundance

  1. I really enjoyed this read! Abraham Hicks, the vortex and everything in between has been a part of my journey the last 14 months, incredible! Mentally preparing for anything is so underrated; taking those moments to think anything into existence is powerful and I love that your sister is who you thought of when you wrote this – beautiful!
    Love, She x

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