E is Energy Exchange – 21 Days of Abundance

“Be the energy you want to attract”

Alphabet of Abundance

Day 5 – “Today I embrace my potential to be, do and have whatever I can dream”

Today is another beautiful day.  The sun in the vast blue sky makes me feel like I can achieve anything, and so I spent most of my day doing yoga in my back garden and pondering my task.

Todays task was not difficult, but it felt rather uncomfortable.  Let me explain.

What we are learning is that true abundance is impossible to experience alone.  True abundance is based on the law of energy exchange.  In order to achieve abundance, there must first be a balance and if we want to achieve balance (in everything we do), we must learn to give and receive equally.

A simple and effective way of looking at how this law of energy exchange works, is to take our blog for example.  We are giving and receiving in equal measures to make a success of Hyacinthforthesoul.wordpress.com.  The receiving for us is tenfold, but we must give first.  We are still relatively new to blogging and by browsing through a variety of blogs, we are gaining insight and knowledge into what makes a good blog, and we’re taking  pleasure in learning how it all works.  And so now, here is how the law of energy exchange works.  Because we are engaging, popping by, dropping comments and likes, we are also receiving the same amount if not more back.  It seems fairly obvious to us that the law of energy exchange is working. (Exergy exchange between people is also something to take note of, however I think we might leave this topic for another post!)

So with all this positive interaction on a very public platform, why am I finding it difficult to reach out to my personal friends and family to participate in 21 Days of Abundance?  Before I started, I asked one friend if she wanted to participate.  She declined due to other commitments.  I then asked my dad, and he agreed.  My dad is a day behind me, but I am taking delight in seeing his reaction of  letting go and working through his mental blocks.  

According to the instructions you only need 1-2 people to make a group, which means I have completed the task.  However, there is a part of me that wants to go further and create more groups with other friends, but I fear I might start to sound like a salesperson even though I am not selling anything.

Perhaps I am afraid of the rejection or the judgement I may receive.  Perhaps it’s not even other people.  Perhaps it’s just me.  

I feel I may not be enough to guide my family and friends through this deep meditation.  Maybe I fear that they might not feel anything, and that means I have wasted their time.  Perhaps, I still have a lot to learn which could explain the feelings of insecurity. And it would seem that my energy, with regards to this task is misplaced.

Meditation and enlightenment are not everyone’s cup of tea and people either flock to it or they don’t.  If I just take my step off the gas and trust in the process a little more, then when the time and energy is right the exchange will happen.  For now though, I’ll just focus on myself and my dad.

Ramadan Mubarak to all celebrating.  May the holy month guide and enlighten us all to serve and preserve our humanity.

Have a beautiful Monday – we hope your week has got off to a wonderful start.


5 thoughts on “E is Energy Exchange – 21 Days of Abundance

    1. We do all forget. When we remember the energy that we carry we also pass on we can begin to change our thinking. Glad you enjoyed our post and thank you for taking the time to comment.xx

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  1. I really like that you’ve used your blog to illustrate where the exchange of energy comes into play; I can certainly relate. Amongst these exchanges of energy on these platforms, I think there’s always questions as to whether we will receive the same energy back on a person-to-person level. It always brings about the question; if we draw back, purposely or not, will there still be incoming energy. Self-doubt can stunt us all at times, so having a smaller focus (you and your Dad) for now is always good to build that certainty of self. Great read!
    Love, She x

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    1. Hello She, thank you for commenting. We hear you and I guess our focus should perhaps always be on the giving and let the universe take care of the finer details of receiving. When we give we should always give from the heart and those who feel our energy will always flock to it. Whether they stay or not the energy has been exchanged and has helped in producing more energy to motivate us to keep going. Your energy is always welcome and we love reading your blogs and hearing from. Thank you for always taking the time. Now I have typed this on my phone without my glasses. Please excuse any spelling errors.

      Lots of love T.B.C x


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