F is for Flowing Freely – 21 Days of Abundance

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“No one ever became poor from giving” Anne Frank

Alphabet of Abundance

Day 6 –“Everything I desire is with me”

I started off a little unsure about today’s task and ended up in the most perfect place full of understanding and knowing, and happy with my realisation.  It was almost a light bulb moment.

The task was to write the following script in our notebooks, 10 times.

“I (T.B.C..) start a new relationship with money today. 

Money brings positive things into my life.  The success that I experience in life bring money and happiness to me and my loved ones.

I deserve to flourish and have a lot of money.  Money is my friend and the value of my investments in it is compounding every day.

I ask my parents and ancestor, up to the very origins of the family, who had difficulties due to lack of money, to bless me and give me permission to live differently.

And I ask my parents and ancestor, up to the very origins of the family, who lived in abundance and prosperity to inspire me.”

There is nothing wrong with any of that, unless you have an interesting relationship with money, which I think a lot of us have.  Money can conjure up insecurity or greed.  For some people money is hard to come by, and some of us are reluctant to spend it for the fear that we will never be able to replace it.  There are a so many mixed feelings surrounding money and I will avoid dwelling on them too much.  However, the truth of the matter is that we cannot take money to the grave, in fact we cannot take anything material to the grave or be cremated with it. 

It occurred to me that perhaps we need to think about money in terms of energy, it does not belong to us and it must be given away in order to replenish itself.

Whilst writing the passage out, I felt that parts of it sounded self-indulgent and undeserving.  I wanted to connect with the task, but words like “Deserve” kept putting me off.  “I deserve to flourish and have a lot of money” made me feel quite uncomfortable.  There are many reasons and one is that we do not often think of ourselves as “deserving”, unless we have made significant sacrifices, and even then the levels of deservedness are questionable. 

If I am to complete the task then I need to reassess my emotions so that I can think about money in a more positive way. I still have a long way to go with the meditation and I have committed to completing it. I must therefore continue to excavate with honesty, the deepest darkest depth of my mind and make a conscious effort to change the way I think about certain things.

I continued to write the passage in my notebook, pondering all the time about how to create the shift from discomfort to comfort.  In the last post we looked at the law of Energy Exchange; in order to achieve a balance in everything, we must learn to give and receive, equally.  And there it was staring me blank in the face.  Something that our cultures and religions teach us all the time – Charity and Humanity. 

The Sikhs live by the following principle: Naam Jaap Na.  Vhand Chakna.  Kirith Karna. 

Which translates to – Contemplate on the Lords name.  Give charity, share what you have amongst your fellow humans and show humanity.  Earn an honest living. 

A similar principle exists within Islam and is known as Zakat or Khums.  The principle is to give a certain percentage of your yearly salary in charity towards the preservation of humanity.

“Money is good, pure, useful and necessary for my prosperity and growth, for my satisfaction and wellbeing”.  I read this line repeatedly, and it started to make complete sense.  It was all about charity.  About the preservation of humanity through our giving.  We all know how happy we feel when we do something for another person, whether that is by giving our time, money or resources.  When we invest in some way, in people or communities, we act from a place of pure love and abundance.  And, as we begin to further understand how the law of energy exchange works, we also learn that when we give we are investing in ourselves.  That the feeling of love and wellbeing surrounds us when we extend our thoughts and actions beyond the self.

Perhaps that is exactly what this 21 Days of Abundance is all about.  We are a conduit, not just for money, but for thoughts and energy too.  Money just like our thoughts cannot stay with us, it can only flow through us, and when the direction of flow is towards the good of humanity, we are elevated to meet our higher selves.  We act without ego and scarcity and we find ourselves closer to our true nature.  When we give freely and selflessly, it is returned in abundance, tenfold.

What will you give away freely today?

Have a wonderful Wednesday


7 thoughts on “F is for Flowing Freely – 21 Days of Abundance

  1. I love your guys writing style. It has such a beautiful flow and you want to continue reading after every sentence.
    The knowledge, love and passion for your topics always encourages me to want to learn more about things I didn’t know prior to reading your words.
    The Anne Frank quote is sublime. I know you guys have read my tweets about her in the past. I hope future generations never forget her story.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You are the best. Thank you for commenting. Your motivational tweets keep us going and that Anne Frank quote is heart break – everytime we see it. Legacies live on. Lets aim to leave a good one. Xx


  2. This is so beautiful to read. I have never though of money as energy and you are right, a giver actually never lacks 💜. Thank you for such a beautiful post

    Liked by 1 person

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