H is for Healing – 21 Days of Abundance

We are all here for some special reason. Stop being a prisoner of your past. Become the architect of your future ~
Robin Sharama

Alphabet of Abundance

Day 8 – Abundance and Law of Pure Potentiality.  

“All that is invested in myself will pay for itself seven times over” 

The task today was to write the above affirmation on your last five receipts.  This could be anything from a personal purchase to a necessary bill.  The idea is that each time you spend money on yourself to think of it as an investment.  For example, when we do a food shop we are buying food that will nourish and feed the family and ourselves.  It may only be a basic food shop, but it is food for our consumption, and it is also fuel for our bodies.  

Our bills need to be paid and in return we receive the benefit of heating, hot water, gas and electricity, etc.  The phone bill, when paid, keeps us connected to those we love.  I am grateful for apps like Zoom, Skype and WhatsApp because, right now, they are the glue in many of my relationships.  I can speak to my nieces daily and hear about their gardening adventures or listen to them reading a passage from Lady and The Tramp.  I can see them laughing and singing whilst we face time.  I can feel the love dancing in their eyes and emanating from the screen and into my heart. 

This, and all of the above is an investment in my mental and emotional health. This, for me, is what 21 Days of Abundance is all about. 

I feel like the meditation is an opportunity for us to gain a better understanding of who we are, past, present and future.  For many of us it has been a huge undertaking; firstly, finding the time to do it all and secondly allowing ourselves the space to completely let go.  Each task coaxes us to go deeper and to face our fears, and to acknowledge all those excuses that we have built up over the years, that have prevented us from reaching our true potential.   

Facing yourself is hard enough.  Facing yourself, and being honest about your limitations is an impossible task.  Facing yourself and being honest about your limitations, and then changing old thought patterns is extremely crippling.  The meditation asks deep questions which means we must navigate through uncomfortable and sometimes painful feelings.  Who said looking inwards was easy? Especially if all you are going to feel is miserable…   

But that is exactly the point of the journey.  We have years of negative behaviour, insecurity and trauma to undo.  Years of telling ourselves that we are not good enough and that we do not deserve love, happiness, success or wealth.  It is not going to be a party in our minds.  It is naturally going to be very painful.  Each time we meet a negative emotion, instead of hiding away from it or pushing it further down, 21 Days encourages us to meet it head on.  When we feel discomfort we can be sure that we are on the right path, for discomfort is necessary for us to change and grow. 

Deepak Chopra believes that healing happens in the mind.  When we think positive thoughts of abundance, we naturally position our mind to be open to all possibilities.  When we believe in the Law of Potentiality, where any reality is possible, good and bad, we are choosing what happens to us just by what we focus our attention on.  This is known as conscious living.  So, by changing the way we think, feel and speak about ourselves, we can start to heal and raise awareness towards self- care and abundance in our lives. 

Unless we challenge our feelings of lack we have no idea what the universe can yield to us.   

If there exists a world in which there is scarcity, and having it all feels like an impossibility, then there must also exist a world in which there is abundance and we can have it all. When you think about it, it is just about perception, clarity of thought and focus. 

Each morning I make time to carry out my meditation.  It helps me to focus on the sort of day I want to create and floods my whole body with feelings of positivity, abundance and possibility.  I also remind myself that if I hit a block it is ok, and that I am the only one who can think my way around it.  I have the power to create what I feel.  Most mornings I cannot wait to get started and see what magic awaits me. The magic could be in the sound of the birds, the light of the full moon, the sound of silence at 3 am.  It can be the scent of my jasmine in full bloom and the playfulness with which I greet my parents in the morning.   

The bigger picture is that I want to enjoy a life where money means positivity.  Where I make it to spend it on myself and to share it with others.  I want to be free with my time and love, and I want to love freely. I want to enjoy and be at one with nature.   

For all of this to be possible, we must acknowledge and be honest about the limitations and restrictions we put on ourselves.  Only then can true healing begin, and the Law of Potentiality can open us up to abundance. 

Give it a try. I invite you to think of the sort of day you want, and allow the magic to flow in abundance.  

Have a wonderful Tuesday 


16 thoughts on “H is for Healing – 21 Days of Abundance

  1. I’ve never heard of 21 Days of Abundance but I love the idea of working through the alphabet and that I stopped on today’s post. You’re so right, healing is whatever we need it to be, whether that’s paying bills or the Zoom app. Whatever works for us is what’s right. Lovely post! Lisa x


    1. Hey Susan. Thank you for taking time to comment. We have found meditation unbelievably uplifting. It is as though we needed something to get through lockdown and we found blogging and meditation. Feels like a real transformation. Hope you are well xx


  2. My favourite trio strikes again!
    With self limitation comes an absence of joy I feel; the way in which we think affects our ability to receive so I completely agree, we must strive to change our outlook. We think most things into existence without realising, and the power in changing the frequency is limitless.
    I’m very much on the same wavelength as you in terms of making time to feel gratitude, to manifest, to think abundantly. The joy you get from life’s simple and free pleasures begins to open your mind to everything that’s tangible in life. A beautiful piece eloquently written.
    Have a beautiful day x

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    1. We love your comment and we always look forward to hearing from you She! We feel like we have found a kindred spirit in you – almost like we thought you into existence. Thank you for your constant support. xxx


  3. This was so interesting! I’m loving this series. I’d never heard of the law of potentiality until now… I’m about to go and look into it more and see how I can incorporate it into my daily life. Thank you for sharing! X

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    1. Hello – thank you for reading. We are really enjoying taking part in this meditation. We’ve never done it as focused as this before. And, it really is making us think outside of the box, in terms of Abundance. Listening to the meditations every morning we really do feel like something is shifting within us and – literally anything feels possible. We are looking closer to home – inside – and really challenging old thoughts and patterns. It is not easy – but discomfort is the best friend of growth and we can work with that. Have a beautiful week. x

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  4. I really like the concept of this, I’d never thought of paying bills as something I benefitted from so I’m going to make a conscious effort to change that way of thinking. Thanks for sharing this, I really enjoyed it x

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    1. Hey, thank you for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed the post. Its all about changing perception around the things we might feel negative around. 21 Days of Abundance is really allowing us to shift some very stale and old thought patterns that were holding us back. It feels alright to spend the money now as I feel like it is all for my benefit. Pleased to know that we have given you food for thought with this post. x

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    1. Thank you for stopping by. Nor did I until I started doing 21 Days of Abundance. Our bills will always need paying and taking into consideration all that we are learning whilst doing this meditation, I feel better about parting with the money. Its all for my benefit – means we gain some kind of control. Thank you for commenting. x

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