Imagining the End of Lockdown.

We were challenged by KTKinnes @ to write a blog about what happens when all this madness is over…Well, I may have gone a little misty eyed at the thought and this is what my hopes are…

Life is what we make it.

The end of lockdown for me will be dependent on many factors; political, personal, social, weather! But I’m going to concentrate on making this a positive post because there’s too much depressing stuff in the world right now.

To begin with, I would imagine a day with sunny, warm weather. I can hear the birds, honeybees are gathering nectar in my garden and I can hear the kids playing in the streets.

Everyone will welcome it.

Those that have lost someone will be embraced, as will those who have worked tirelessly over the whole lockdown; the carers, the NHS, the teachers, the posties, the binmen. We will understand that the world is different now, where anything can happen – we can change the world from this point on.

We will live in a nurturing, understanding environment, where you’re not penalised for wanting to be at home with your kids, or having your elderly parents stay with you. Our managers will make sure we care for our elderly, our sick, our dying. They will understand that life is too short to come in for that 20 minutes meeting.

We will understand that the NHS should be revered and held aloft as a beacon of everything that is good and wonderful, that the people who have risked their lives for the previous months will have free holidays and a pay rise.

We will look to our neighbours who have provided us with conversation, a bag of shopping, a shared smile at 8pm on a Thursday night and we will see ourselves reflected back. The people that we have wanted to be, but couldn’t because of time and pressures.

That day will be the first day of the rest of our lives and we will tell people we love them and shielding will become a term for protecting the most vulnerable in our society – and we will do it without complaint or judgement or hesitancy.

And I will drive. I will drive to see my parents, hundreds of miles away. I will drive to see my nieces, growing up faster than I could imagine and I will drive to see my friends. I will do what I can to make the distance shorter, the hugs longer, and the time worth more.

I will tell people I love them.

I will no longer wait for the right moment to take life by the hand; I will lead myself into my adventures.

In a time when so many have died, I will live.

Family holding hands together closeup

5 thoughts on “Imagining the End of Lockdown.

  1. This is beautiful, truly. So many things that resonated with me. This lockdown has been a difficult yet valuable time for me. Some things have been shaken to the core – personally and collectively. And it’s sad that it had to take a global pandemic for some major learnings to happen, but nonetheless, now that we’re living in this moment, I guess it’s better late than never.
    Hope you have a lovely week!

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    1. Ahh thank you for stopping by and reading. Growth always comes from difficulty and you’re right as hard as lock down has been its taught many people the value of life. X


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