J is for Journey – 21 Days of Abundance

It is we who nourish the soul of the world. Paulo Coelho

Alphabet of Abundance

Day 10 – “Today I make great choices because they are made with full awareness”.

At the risk of starting this post with a clichéd statement, I am going to say that “Life is a Journey”.  A journey that is packed with twists and turns, meandering avenues and crossroads.

When we think of a journey, often we think about travelling from A to B, in the quickest and most economical way possible.  We can travel anywhere, by any means desirable, at any time, money and resources permitting.  We can even (according to new government guidelines) now take the car to get our eyes tested!!

Travelling is a means to an end.  But what about the journey?  

I was sat in our garden the other day and I found myself mesmerised by a little furry bee flower hopping.  How far had he travelled? What was his journey like? And what tales would he tell on his return? Thanks to Sir David Attenborough, we now know that bees do not just return to their beehives with pollen, they also return armed with specific information about their journey. Vital information like; distance of beehive to flower and direction of flower in relation to sun. 

Another journey that fascinates me and can, perhaps, be likened to our physical and spiritual journey on earth, is that of the stars – birth, life and death.  In 21 Days Deepak Chopra reveals that there is a whole universe inside of us.  Millions of cells traveling around our body doing their job pretty much effortlessly. How we treat our body will determine the quality of life for these cells and ultimately our mind body and soul connection. 

With all this in mind, many of us are still oblivious towards the ecosystem in which we exist and how our journeys in life can affect our being.

So, what happens when we become aware of this ecosystem?  I would say, our lives become a little more adventurous.  Being aware allows me to participate in creating a world full of rich experiences for all living things, myself included. 

Picture by Isabel Clark

Having observed my little furry friend for some time, I came to two conclusions –

  1. In some ways we are like Bees.  We journey through life, far and wide, gaining knowledge and experience (collecting nectar).  We then share our knowledge with loved ones and encourage them to explore and grow, whilst still growing ourselves. -(pollenating flowers, vegetables, plants and then sharing vital information).  And then, once we’ve parted with gems of wisdom, and helped the next generation, we leave the physical world for another journey – where ever that may be!
  2. Bees are a sign of how healthy our environment is (or not).  They are the true guardians of our environment and economy.  I feed them by planting the correct flowers and they in turn feed me and you.

My journey on this planet, as limited as it may be, feels a little more connected for having observed bees. I feel like I am doing something – I have a purpose.

Embarking upon 21 Days of Abundance has been a remarkably interesting journey – a journey into the self, complete with scars, warts and all.  It hasn’t all been easy, and I’ve cried many times as I’ve looked back at the ghosts of yesterday.  The ones I allowed to lead me into looking for love, in all the wrong places.

I now find myself standing in the present moment with a sack full of pollen (memories, experiences and knowledge) looking at the crossroads in front of me – my future.  What sort of future do I want to create both short and long term?

If I am learning anything from this meditation, so far, then it is that I am at the centre of my universe and connected to everything.  By co-creating with every element of it, I can draw things towards me and there is an abundance of good waiting to come my way.

My purpose is to be fully present on the journey, dancing my way into a deeper understanding of the physical, mental and spiritual nature of it.  The saying is, “we only get one shot at life – so make it count!”  Life has so much to offer each and every one of us. It is all there in abundance for us to share.

Dance into your weekend and make it count.

Have a magic Friday filled with inspiration and wonder.


10 thoughts on “J is for Journey – 21 Days of Abundance

  1. This is such a fascinating post! It grabbed by attention because my blog name is actually called Abundance of Flavor, and I seek these feelings of overflow and fullness in food. I love this series 🙂

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    1. Haha! Hello, and thank you for stopping by. Your comments a very much welcomed. And I love that your blog is called Abundance of Flavor – it seems just right that we should find each other. Glad you enjoy the series. x


    1. Lots of love for you Rayo. We have fallen in love with bees a little more. We are now just waiting for our Meadow mix of flowers to arrive. We already have many flowers, jasmine and strawberries plants too – where the bees nourish themselves. It just makes sense doesn’t it…we service the planet and all its beings and it comes back tenfold. x

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