M is for Messages – 21 Days of Abundance

Your life is your message to the world, make sure it is inspiring.

Alphabet of Abundance

Day 13 – There is a way I can fill my true purpose in life.

We are surrounded by messages from exchanging simple texts between friends and family, subliminal messages plastered across billboards, adverts that penetrate our subconscious, to what is impressed upon us via the news and papers.  It is almost an assault on our senses. 

We are submerged in messages from our cultures, religions and societies, and even our environment is communicating with us too.  Some of us, not all, are aware and in tune with the requirements of mother nature.  We have been exchanging messages from the start of humanity and these messages have shaped our environment, our history and who we are today.   

What happens when these messages are harmful, damaging or inaccurate?  At best they dictate to us how we should live, who we should marry, what we should eat, read and believe, and at their very worst they cause fear, scarcity, inequality and the dehumanisation of a people.   

Our whole existence is about receiving and deciphering messages every second of the day and it can be quite an overwhelming experience, if we do not get a head of the game. 

When we started 21 Days of Abundance, we opened with the following quote from Gandhi “Our thoughts generate words, words generate actions, actions – habits, habits – character, and character breeds fate.”  Whatever we may think about Gandhi this message is very powerful. It made me reflect on the messages we tell ourselves about who we are, what we transmit into the world and ultimately the universe. These messages have an influence and direct impact our own mental health, as well as the mental health of the people we encounter.  If we are prone to taking in negative messages, it makes sense that our outlook and outward energy will also be negative, and it is the same effect for positive messages.

This is exactly what 21 Days is about.

Imagine for one second that we are aware and therefore in control of the message we receive and transmit. That is quite a powerful thought.  We could change the state of the world just by the way we think and the messages we convey. We already know, that when we feel good about our life, our day is very different – a day in which we feel and know we are capable of achieving our goals.

We could think of it like this – our minds are like the sea.  Deep and expansive and hold vast amounts of information.  Our thoughts are like little drops water into the sea. The universe is like the ocean.  As the sea rushes to submerge and become one with the ocean, so do our thoughts and actions which impact everything in our existence.  If we feed our mind with thoughts of Abundance, we will act in accordance with and attract Abundance, not only for ourselves, but for every living thing in our universe.  And the Universe is so clever that it yields to us what we think about the most. Based on that alone, I know what message I want to put out there.   

Aside from my musings above, messages often make me think of hand written notes hidden in books, secret love notes left at coffee shops, daily affirmations and messages in bottles, that have drifted miles and miles to end up in the hands of some lucky soul.  Imagine writing a special note for another human being, that you had never met. What would you want to tell them?  What messages would you want to leave the world?  What would be your legacy? 

Keep an eye our for the messages you catch this week and see if you can make someone’s day by leaving them a secret message.

With Love T.B.C…

22 thoughts on “M is for Messages – 21 Days of Abundance

  1. wow this was such a great read! (Or rather listen) I read the first few sentences and I was drawn into reading more but my eyes were failing me a bit, so I went ahead & set up my accessibility settings on the phone just so I can finish the article 😅 and I am happy I did because this is very beautifully written and inspiring and you’re absolutely right. I believe that we should be more mindful of the kinds of messages that we give out to people & into the world while also paying attention to what messages we are receiving & storing in our minds. This was very very insightful.

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    1. Hey Ray – sorry we thought we had replied to your comment. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your thoughts with us. Messages are so important, not only what we send out but also what we take in and I am shocked that we are not taught this at an earlier age. It takes for us to get to our late 30’s to understand how the system works and then the next thirty years to undo the damage! 21 Days has been a god send – we were on that trajectory anyway, so we were ready to receive and agreeable to changing the way we think and what we put out there Glad we were able to inspire you too. Love T.B.C x


  2. My favourite trio… I’ve had an impromptu break from writing, reading and generally interacting… you were the first blog I wanted to visit. And you did not disappoint.
    This piece is so poignant for me; believing that every interaction, reaction and action is a message in its self, ones we must observe and digest, is how I remedy heartache, pain and disappointment. There is always a reason, even if it’s not clear right now.
    Love She x

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    1. Hello She – so good to hear from you and we are honoured that we were your first bloggers to visit when you resurfaced! Yes, messages are all around us and reading them is the way to navigate through heartache, pain and disappointment and also cultivating a harmonious life as much as we can. I never really thought about it – until I stopped and listened in to what I was telling myself, what I was allowing in and how that had thus far manifested. 21 Days has been fascinating in allowing us to really shift prospective and live very differently to how we used to. We realise that every interaction has a reaction, connection or consequence. Making it work for you is where the magic is! Sending you so much love She…we miss you x


  3. I love your analogy of the mind to the sea, it’s vast and holds whatever our thoughts are. I always start my day with prayers and meditation, this helps fulfill my day even before it starts. Thanks for sharing


    1. Hey Rayo – this went in to spam for some reason! Glad we found it though. Ita good to hear how people clear their minds and prepare to start their day. Good thoughts will take us far. We do it enough times it becomes like aecond nature. Hope you are well. Night x

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  4. I’m not sure what I’d write in a letter to someone I’ve never met, but I’d probably start it off by apologising for any spelling and grammar mistakes due to my dyslexia in advance, and for my handwriting if I had to write the letter by hand. As for the rest, of letter, probably some worldly kind of advice

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  5. You write so beautifully.
    If I had to write a letter for someone I had never met. Wow what a question to ask.
    I would probably go along the lines of.
    Somethings happen to us that we would not wish on others. But they who hurt us do not define us. And what hurts us, shall not be the end of us. There will always be bad people in this world. But for us to carry on we must always find that tiny speck of light. Because we are stronger than we think we are; even in our darkest times.

    Love this post. Thank you for sharing

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