Save Yemen #100forYemen

The cost of war lays the heaviest on innocent families and children

We are going to break from Alphabet of Abundance this week and speak from the heart about another project.

A week ago, I came across a tweet that asked the reader to imagine that they had been bombed. Not just them, or their neighbourhood, or their city. But their whole country. I was asked to think about the school my nieces go to, my local hospital where my family go for regular check ups, the set I work on, or the theatre space I occupy. And, to imagine that this had been going on for 5 years, with no let up whatsoever. With no Hope. With no End in Sight.

I don’t know about you – but upon imaging that my nieces could not go to their school, see their teachers and friends or that my mum and dad could not go to the hospital for regular checks absolutely hit my soul.

It is easy for us to ignore, while we sit in our respective countries, being able to fill our bellies and hearts with pretty much anything we desire. And even when we cant find our hearts desire – we at least have options.

We may never know what it’s like to have a belly so big and painful, our growth stunted or our brains damaged from malnutrition (all by the time we reach the age of 5). We may never experience what its like not to have clean running water to quench our thirst or to get a basic wash, and we may never know how desperate a person can get when they are in unbearable physical pain and the dull constant ache of loss in the heart, because war has taken your family, your dignity and your hope.

The cost of war is the heaviest on innocent lives. On children who are born into war, through no fault of their own, and live in pain, poverty and trauma. Every time I see a child, or an old person on the telly or I hear how urgent and awful the situation in Yemen is, I think about my family. I do not see the people in Yemen separate from myself. I am unable to. They too are part of my race, The Human Race and somewhere deep inside I feel the need to reach out and do something, anything.

We at T.B.C could not stand by when the Black Lives Matter Movement caught momentum, we had to act and we still are, learning, educating and having those hard conversations. In the same way we are compelled to rally around and pressure the government into saving our industry (the Arts and Culture industry), our livelihoods, our stories and our legacies.

We cannot stand by, any longer and let injustice of any kind, whether that is based in race, religion, class or gender rip through our human race like cancer. We have to turn the tables, help and support where we can. It could happen to us, and we would want the international community to step in and stand up for us and our rights and integrity.

So we are asking for your help. For your donations towards helping build Yemen back up. Various amounts of money will help in providing necessary medical aid, basic food and water supplies. There are also initiatives to help build sustainable farming communities too, where eventually the people of Yemen wont need to rely on international support. A dream is that one day we may be able to purchase and eat the fruits of their labour, that we once helped them to grow.

Please check out our fundraising page and donate as little or as much as you can. Every donation will help build a better future for some of the families, suffering incredibly at the hands of greed and power of those who have no value for human life. Our fundraising page has all the information you need and all donations go directly to the source. This is made sure by the work carried out by Lady Fatemah Trust who are on the ground dealing with this humanitarian crisis directly.

T.B.C Crowdfunding for Yemen. The overall target is £50, 000. Lady Fatemah Trust have invited 100 individuals and groups to raise £500 per campaign which will help reach the overall target. Please help us to help save lives of people in Yemen by giving what ever you can.

Have a great week.


17 thoughts on “Save Yemen #100forYemen

  1. I feel really ashamed of how little I knew about this situation until recently. It’s fantastic that you’re raising awareness and sharing this information with people. You’re right, we can’t sit back and do nothing and as soon as I’m in the financial position to donate I will be doing exactly that x

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    1. Hey Betheny – thank you so much for at least reading our post and of course donations are the life blood of helping Yemen – we still appreciate people learning about the situation and trying to implement other ways of helping; reading up on the situation, signing petitions, challenging government policy, spreading the word and of course donating to organisations where 100% of the funds go to those who need it the most.

      Thank you for taking the time to Comment on our post. Much love xx

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  2. This is so important to be sharing – not everyone one is aware of the things that are going on in Yemen so sharing this is going to educate a lot of people x

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    1. It is soul destroying. Please keep sharing information, please keep donating and please keep raising awareness. Some day some how…our efforts will make a bigger difference. Thank you for reading x


  3. Such an important post! Thank you for sharing their story and for increasing the visibility of their situation. It’s heartbreaking to know what they have to deal with on a daily basis

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  4. Thank you for showing so much compassion in your post above. We can’t just stand by and do nothing; it may be the easy thing to do, but it is that failure to act which sees people lose their lives each day.

    I wish you every success with #100forYemen.

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