Its Special.

We loved this sharing of a special bond, purely because we also have a bond so strong with coffee! In fact in our first post of 21 Days we actually talk about how we have coffee in abundance – as the start of the lockdown – and we were hugely grateful for it. Coffee is the tonic we need to start the day. What do you have a special bond with? Fantastic post.


There are certain bonds that we make in life that are irreplaceable. Here something I wrote for one such special along!

In the beginning we weren’t friends at all, 

Had met her once in school, in the canteen across the hall.🙂

She wasn’t very sweet and hurt my lip pretty bad, 

I didn’t speak to her thereafter, I was so mad.😒

When in my internship, I bumped into her again,

All these years of distancing myself from her, went in vain.😅

They were all talking to her, I didn’t know where to begin, 
So I spoke a few words to her just to fit in.❤️

Soon I started working full time, and would see her everyday,🙋🏻‍♀️
It started off with a simple hi, but soon there was so much to say. 

Gradually we spent more and more time together,😁
It was difficult to believe, but our friendship was  getting…

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