P is for Practice and Practise 21 Days of Abundance

Day 16 – Living Gratefully.

Today, I remember being grateful. Being grateful is a lifelong practice and if it is to have any effect on our daily lives, we should practise being grateful, as often as we can.

  • Practice – (the thing) Yoga and meditation are both practices.
  • Practise (the doing) to perform (an activity) or exercise (a skill) repeatedly or regularly to acquire, improve or maintain proficiency in it

Practise makes Perfect

“Practise makes Perfect” so we are told. We are also told “perfection” does not exist. So, if we practise every day to attain a certain level of perfection or indeed perfection itself, are we fighting a losing battle?

It is a good question and when you think about it, spending hours, days, weeks, month, years, decades, wasting valuable energy at ‘Perfection’, seems futile and quite frankly a thankless task.

However, before I shatter any illusions and you give up completely and tell everyone that the folk at T.B.C say there’s no point in anything – let me talk you through what Practise makes Perfect has come to mean for me.

What is being revealed to me is that the practice of 21 Days is all about learning what our full human potential is. And in order to develop as fully integrated, super aware human beings we are encouraged to engage in the following tasks, daily (links provided lead to other posts in the series)

Practising anything is about training the mind and body and if perfection is unattainable well, then our work here (in the physical realm) is never done.  I like that idea: that I will always need to be aware of my connection to this ever-changing world, in order to sustain exciting growth, with the aim of reaching my full human potential, on this planet. It is a lifelong journey.

As an actor I read lots of scripts. Reading scripts, learning lines and creating characters never gets easier, and yet I have done it for 20+ years. It is a hefty task because every character comes with its own set of complexities, needs, wants and desires. I do not always approach a character in the same way either. The only thing that is guaranteed (apart from a fully constructed character), is that I will always read the full script. This gives me an insight into world before I start to build.

Finding a character always leads me down different paths. I might read around the subject first to get a sense of opinions, attitudes, struggles, scandal, and the politics of that time. Sometimes that information might not be available. In which case I work with words on the page. I might start physically; looking at speech patterns, rhythm, pace, tempo; sentence structure and the words used by the character. Language is a great indicator of how a character thinks and feels. This can often help with the physicality; the walk, the weight (metaphorical and literal), mannerisms and so forth. Sometimes the essence of the character is not found until they are seen through the eyes of other characters – what others say and feel about them and the relationships between them. All of these components inform each other – I just need a starting point. Once I find that, I discover a whole new person and how wonderful (sometimes) to live in the skin of someone else and feel their joys and burdens.

However, it is a continuous journey, the work is never done.

21 Days is allowing me further connection to my work (as I find 3D characters) and in life as I assess how my relationships can be made better by knowing who I am, first. Knowing who you are – is a lifelong practice and it takes time to understand – which is why it is called a “practice”.  Practising who we want to be and can be, can help to develop awareness and a sense of connectivity between us and every living organism around us – making us 3D, 4D and beyond in existence.

And with each new passing day, I learn so much more about me and the life I want to create and live. I am in the drivers seat as I put in the work, steering left and right, feeling the terrain under the tyres, under me and watching as the vista opens up worlds of possibilities of My Self.

Are you on a continuous discovery of the self?

Have a productive week


12 thoughts on “P is for Practice and Practise 21 Days of Abundance

  1. What you said about the “practice makes perfect” got me thinking and it is so true. It’s all very contradictory! But I am definitely one to be mindful and grateful everyday regardless of it being a good or bad one. This was a lovely read, thank you x

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    1. Self discovery is continuous – that’s what we have found. We started shifting our consciousness 5 years ago – we didn’t think it was possible to be where we are today, feeling, thinking and attracting things to us the way we have. This blog is one of those things we thought was always a pipe dream. 5 years from now – we hope to have evolved tenfold and still have somewhere to go. Keep journeying, keep searching, keep reaching. Thank you for commenting. Much love x

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  2. This was very insightful. I had never really stopped to think about the saying “Practise makes perfect” before. You’re right that perfection is unattainable. The pursuit of perfection often causes anxiety. I prefer to think that practise builds habits and leads to continuous improvement. That is a worthy goal!

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    1. Exactly that Michelle. We can only practise and build habits that lead to continuous improvement. That way we will always look to be and do better in the life that we have. Thank you for commenting xx

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