Haldi wala doud aka Tumeric Latte or Golden Milk

Weekend Fillers

Golden Milk

Yes, yes, yes, we all know how popular a Tumeric Latte has become over the last few years, however for those of us who are of South Indian heritage this is an age old drink.

People from the South Asian diaspora have been using tumeric in their cooking and for medicinal purposes for c.e.n.t.u.r.i.e.s. Every curry that you have ever tasted will have contained a pinch or two of the old super spice food. It’s what gives the curry its yellow hue, and its warm, bitter and earthy flavours are also used in mustards, butters, and cheeses. Tumeric is also known for easing and treating inflammation, pain, the healing of wounds, and various other digestive disorders.

Our wonderful friend Michelle Oram wrote a fantastically informative post on the benefits and offers 7 Ways to sneak Tumeric into your diet. It’s well worth a read!

There’s nothing Christmassy about a Tumeric Latte, I hear you say! Perhaps, however the heat from the spices and warmth of Haldi wala doud makes me feel all cosy, loved and looked after. It reminds me of family. Of watching old films whilst sitting under the blanket, admiring your handy work once all the Christmas decorations are up, the heating warming every room of the house, and the tree lights twinkling away, adding an air of magic.

A tumeric latte is one of my favourite go to drinks whenever I want an alternative to tea/coffee, and also when I am feeling a little under the weather. It literally is an instant (Christmassy) hug in a mug, a pick me up, get in the spirit kind of drink. So I wanted to share with you how to make the perfect mug of ‘Golden Milk’ – the proper way – not in the way of Nero or any of those other health cafes! It’s not a tea bag jobbie, or watered down blend of the real thing. Nope! It IS the real deal. Here is how we do it…

The Spice Box

The smaller tray – with spices we use everyday

My house is like every other Indian household in the world – we all have a spice thali (box of spices). If you don’t can you even call yourself an Indian?! This is ours and contains spices that we use pretty much every day in our cooking. Mustard Seeds. Chilli Powder. Tumeric. Salt. Paprika. Cinnamon in the middle, still the in packet. We have some grinded up, with other spices, which we use to make Cha (Indian Tea or Masala Cha). That’s another weekend filler for #ChristmasCollaborations.

The ‘Golden Milk’ recipe

1 Mug of Milk
1/2 a tea spoon Tumeric
1/2 a stick cinnamon
Pinch of Black pepper (essential to active the benefits of tumeric)
Honey to sweeten

You can also add ginger. We would recommend using fresh ginger. Sometimes when you get ground spices, ginger for instance, out of the packet, it always has a chalky flavour. It tastes awful!

I have used Oat milk. Oat milk is the perfect companion if you are choosing an alternative to dairy. The consistency feels slightly thicker and holds the flavour of spice well enough to give you a full bodied drink. It also has a natural sweetness to it. I use it in my coffee and cereal, but not in tea!

We would recommend the Provamel brand which you can purchase from Holland and Barrett. We have tried many different brands and found Provamel to offer the best taste. Some brands of Oat milk taste like carboard and we have no idea how they have made it on to the market.

We also recommend the T.R.S brand for ANY spices. It is an Indian brand and the spices taste authentic, organic and pure. You can get this make in almost all supermarkets. If not seek out your local Asian shop – guaranteed you’ll find exactly what you you’re looking plus more. Huge quantities for the ‘best price’.

It is the fastest simplest recipe out there and offers instant gratification. Another reason to like it.


Heat milk in a pan. Add cinnamon. Let flavours fuse. Add Tumeric. Turn the heat down just before it boils. Let it simmer. Add Honey to taste, stir. Pour in to mug.

Haldi wala doud DONE! So go on spice up your Christmas drink with a little tumeric, add a little honey for all the sweet feels and have with it a slice of your favourite cake. I had it with a Mince Pie this morning. Perfect!! It’s not to early for a mince pie or four…is it?

Happy Holidays all. We have lots of Christmas content coming up throughout December. We’d love for you to join us and our Christmas Collaborations series. 12 Bloggers. 12 Posts plus our Christmas Weekend Fillers. Adding to that the ‘Cutting Room Floor‘ series by Monty Vern, the illustrator for Christmas Collaborations, can be followed on twitter.

We have only just begun the feast, there is so much more to taste.


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