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Christmas Collaborations

Illustration by Monty Vern

Never Seen a White Christmas
by Catarina

Early in the morning waking up to the cold, white covered trees and dark sky was one of the most wonderful experiences ever. Christmas means family, joy, happiness, love, hot chocolate, a beautiful Christmas tree and lovely lights!!

Growing up in the Caribbean was like waking up to a hot summer day, not realizing that I would ever see snow, I didn’t even know snow existed. In the late 90’s we went to live in The Netherlands not knowing one single word in Dutch. It was freezing, at least for me being used to the tropical beach weather.

I still remember my facial expressions when I told my mother “Mom look snow!”. I played in the snow which covered my tiny feet not knowing my shoes would get wet. I could play for hours outside without wanting to go back inside. I always told myself when I have kids of my own I want them to experience what I experienced; the laughter, joys and having friends to play outside throwing snow on each other.

Illustration by Monty Vern

My mother was a traditional Latina woman once the season changed, she changed all decorations on the tables, windows, doors and bathrooms. She loved sewing so much that she made sure everything was matching. She used to make me take all of her beautiful dishes that she only would use when there was any party or visit and I had to wash them all, dry them with a clean kitchen towel and place everything on the table. If you are Latina you know before the 24th of December before 6pm the whole house has to be cleaned from top to bottom for Noche Buena. The whole family and the neighbours were invited. I bet you before 1am you were already sleeping!

This year, which has been a “very strange” year, nonetheless I promised myself and pray to have a healthy, peaceful, cosy Christmas celebration. I don’t want gifts or parties. I’m not a party kind a gyal either way but I would want to at least try and have a normal Christmas Celebration for my children. We might have a white Christmas we don’t know yet and it would mean the world hugging my babies and seeing the snow falling down.

This year my family and I are gonna make our traditional oven roasted turkey and hamquesillopotato salad with boiled eggs, corn, green peas and carrotsArroz con pollo (rice and chicken)tiny round bread, beans, cake, of course coffee is a must  have. Maybe put up a small Christmas tree and some light for the kids. Before 2020 ends we should spend it with family or loved ones.

Besides Christmas, all I would like is to have my family beside me and being grateful that we have it good. It’s not about who has the most spectacular Christmas party or who has the most expensive dress. This year has been a wake up call and that means loving, treasuring your family. Loving them unconditionally, hugging them telling them how much you love them because tomorrow is not promised!

Notes on the Author

Catarina is another special member of our blogging community. She is a beauty blogger with a plethora of knowledge on skin care and beauty regimes. Drop by Catarina’s website Beauty of Cafe 205 to get the latest updates on all your beauty needs and products. She is also a mother who speaks and writes in four different languages.

Follow Catarina on Twitter and Instagram for your daily dose of light and positivity. For more inspiration on beauty ideas and lifestyle tips visit Catarina’s Pinterest.

Notes on the Illustrator

All of the illustrations provided throughout Christmas Collaborations are original, bespoke works of Monty Vern


19 thoughts on “Post 5

  1. Aww that was such a beautiful story! I loved it so much especially the reminder (that I think we all have learned this year) to appreciate the small stuff in life with the ones we love. Thanks for sharing this story both to Catarina and TBC 💕
    Grislean |

    Liked by 1 person

    1. This year has been taught us biggest and hardest lessons, in our lifetime. God willing we carry with us this sense of profound gratitude and the feeling of connectionectivity. Thank you for connecting here. Xx

      Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s always interesting to know how other’s live and feel. We marvel at snow here in the UK. I love it when it falls on the rare occasion that we get it. Seeing it for the first time…must have been mind blowing. Thank you for visiting, reading and commenting x


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