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Christmas Collaborations

Illustration by Monty Vern

24 Christmas Wishes for Our World
by Michelle Oram

It’s no secret that 2020 has been a difficult year. As Christmas approaches, and the pandemic continues to wreak havoc across the globe, we all need a big dose of Christmas spirit.

Years ago, when Sears Canada was still in business, the arrival of the Sears Christmas Wish Book would generate such excitement. My daughters and I loved to look through the catalogue to get ideas for Christmas gifts. Our Wish Book quickly became dog-eared as we eagerly marked the pages.

These days, my Christmas wish list looks very different than it used to. As I focus on simplifying and minimizing, I appreciate the important things you won’t find in any catalogue. I often ponder this beautiful lyric from the song Grown Up Christmas List.

“Well, heaven surely knows
That packages and bows
Can never heal a hurting human soul”
– Linda Thompson-Jenner

In a time when human souls need healing more than ever, I’ve put together a virtual advent calendar of 24 wishes for our world this holiday season. Wishing is not enough, so these aren’t passive wishes. Instead, they are actions. As we wrap up 2020 and look forward to 2021, let’s turn our wishes into actions and make a better world. It is possible!

Advent calendar of wishes for the world
Imagine a world where we…
Illustration by Monty Vern

1. Embrace diversity. With the events of 2020, it seems right to start the list here. Beyond simple acceptance, let’s embrace how diversity makes us all richer.

2. Act charitably. At a time when many are struggling to meet their basic needs, let’s help if we can!

3. Value wisdom. If we follow the example of our indigenous peoples, we’ll prioritize learning from the wisdom of those who went before us.

4. Seek to understand – is a logical next step after wisdom. Many things don’t make sense in our world. But, if we take the time to learn just a little about important issues, we can make a difference.

5. Spread love not hate. Let’s look for reasons to love others, despite our differences.

6. Care for our planet. Our planet is in need of healing. We must all do what we can before it’s too late. Small changes add up!

7. Listen. Instead of rushing to respond, let’s take the time to really listen to each other.

8. Value opposing opinions. Why do we always need to be right and prove someone else wrong? Let’s embrace the value of diverse opinions.

9. Seek simplicity. Life is complicated. Look for peace and joy in simple, everyday things.

10. Demand equality. If we speak up and refuse to be bystanders, we can achieve equality for all our fellow human beings, regardless of gender, sexual orientation, social status, race, religion or ability.

11. End poverty. It’s not okay that the rich get richer and the poor get poorer. Support politicians and companies who do their part to achieve a fair and just society for all.

12. Protect the vulnerable. Be a voice for people who can’t speak for themselves.

13. Look for common ground. Let’s look beyond our differences and find things we can agree on.

14. Prioritize people over things. If we stop being slaves to materialism, we’ll free up space to focus on what really matters in life.

15. Reflect. Take time to be still and appreciate the unique value you bring to the world.

16. Show kindness. Let’s create a world where we don’t need a “Random Acts of Kindness” day to remind us to be good to our fellow human beings.

17. Use time wisely. Time is the one thing none of us can get more of, nor do we know how much of it we’ll have on this planet. Make the most of every day.

18. Practise gratitude. Instead of focusing on what’s missing, let’s be truly grateful for what we do have.

19. Respect the value of work. 2020 put the spotlight on jobs that many in society look down on. Let’s show respect and appreciation for the grocery store clerk, the person serving coffee at the drive-thru and everyone doing an honest day’s work.

20. Support the arts. This year, theatres fell dark and concerts were silenced, leaving a big void for many of us. We need to support artistic endeavours at all levels.

21. Laugh often. Life is too serious. Make daily laughter a priority.

22. Be a positive force. Like the lighthouse that warns sailors of impending danger, let’s be beacons of light in a dark world.

23. Focus on being better. It’s easier to criticize others than to clean up our own lives. Let’s try to be just a little bit better every day.

24. Be peacemakers. It feels fitting to wrap up the list here. When my daughter Colleen was a child, she asked for world peace in her letter to Santa. Sadly, we haven’t achieved it yet. If we do our part, maybe we can make that childhood wish come true.

Close your eyes and take a moment to imagine a world with all these things. Wouldn’t it truly be heaven on earth? Let’s make it happen.

Thanks to my friends at T.B.C. for inspiring me to write this post. I wish everyone reading all these things in abundance this Christmas season.

Notes on the Authour

Back in September we answered a call for a Blog Takeover on Michelle’s blog – Boomer Eco Crusader – and that is how Michelle fast became one of our favourite bloggers. She is a huge advocate for eco-friendly sustainable living, both environmentally and soulfully. Michelle’s posts are always infused with passion and information to help you save time, money and the environment, and that ignited us.

Michelle’s positivity is infectious and we are galvanised by her enthusiasm to want to do more for the environment and humanity, and in doing so become better people. Follow Michelle on Twitter and Instagram to keep up with how you can also do your bit to help save our planet and ultimately our humanity.

Notes on the Illustrator

All of the illustrations provided throughout our Christmas Collaborations series are the original, bespoke works of Monty Vern.


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