Things to remember this Lockdown

Here we are again. Tier 5; Full Lock Down. As much as we didn’t want it, we know it is necessary. The lockdown will help in allowing a break for our NHS to catch up and get that vaccine out to as many people as they can. They can focus solely on the task at hand without being further stretched. If that is at all possible at such a late stage.

I am writing this from my bed. I lost my sense of smell and taste on Saturday. It was a weird moment, particularly as I had no other symptoms and I hadn’t been out anywhere, except to get some shopping from the local Asda. I wore my mask and I kept my distance. Some people barged me and that annoyed the fuck out of me. But then that’s self entitled arrogant pricks for you. They don’t care about space or people. As long as they get what they want! I went for a test on Sunday first thing and my results came back this morning. Positive. So, I’m isolating for 10 days. Work is postponed until further notice.

Anyway, as we are in Lockdown Numero 3, 4, 5??? Here are 10 things to keep us sane, during our time locked up. I know we’ve probably exhausted the list of all the things we can do, however while our tensions are high as businesses plummet further into debt, no rescue package AGAIN for the entertainment industry, and our mental health takes a toll, its worth remembering that all is not lost. There are still a few things that we can do to help ease the strain of this Lock Down. These are my own thoughts and views. By no means am I preaching to you and I guess this is my way of a. keeping myself busy and b. putting my thoughts down on paper.

10 things to remember in lockdown 3:0

1. Accept that this is where we are – Resistance is futile and will only make matters worse when we are compelled to break the rules. When you think it won’t happen to you and you feel like your liberties and freedoms are being compromised, and your life is being controlled by a tyrant – just step off the pedal. Realise that this “thing” is real. People are getting it, some are recovering, others are not. Our NHS cannot take it anymore. They are stretched, physically, emotionally, mentally and I am sure spiritually. It is happening and WE can help, by exercising self care, respect and kindness towards everyone around us. Just spare a thought for those working tirelessly to help those affected. Lets be a part of the help. Please don’t hinder it.

2. Take a break – From all the negative thoughts. Our mental health is important. If we are of sound mind and not angry or upset we are likely to behave in a manner that is calm and soothing, not just towards ourselves but towards other people too. We are likely to be helpful and resourceful as we practise patience and exercise a positive mental attitude. And we all need less anger and negativity right now.

3. Be KIND – Parents have it hard. Teachers have it hard. Key workers and NHS Staff have it hard. The young Student has it hard. Theatre and TV Actors have it hard. Businesses have it hard. We ALL have it hard. None of us will escape this. We WILL be affected one way or another, whether that is via the actual virus or anything else that comes with it. So remember kindness is the only way. Even to the dick who pushes past you in the supermarket (true story). They need our kindness the most because they don’t get it – and they need to understand that their actions have consequences.

4. We are all connected – I just read a tweet by Professor Devi Sridhar – who I think is absolutely fantastic. She quotes ” Same people – who go on holiday abroad/mixed freely over Christmas period – complaining about; schools in online learning, restrictions in place and NHS wait times for A&E. How to communicate that we’re all connected? Your decisions affect me. My decisions affect you.” Never was a truer word spoken. The Alphabet of Abundance taught us exactly that; WE ARE ALL CONNECTED. When we realise that and make every decision based on that concept, even buying tea won’t be the same.

5. Read more – If there was ever a time to exercise the mind, it is now. Immerse yourself in the pages of a bloody good book. Read all sorts of things. Strengthen your mind with soulful stories of human resilience and worldly teachings. Reach the depths of human consciousness and try to fathom big positive change within and outside of yourself. We recommend; The Power of Now – Eckhart Tolle, Feel The Fear and Do it Anyway – Susanne Jeffers, Becoming Supernatural – Dr Joe Dispenza, The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho

6. Work on your blog – Why not continue to find new and exciting ways of reinventing or developing your blog or current WIP. It’s a soulful experience and an extension of yourself. So make it the best it can possibly be.

7. Go for a daily walk – It is always worth getting out. Get the wind in your hair and face, in your lungs and allow yourself to feel alive. Take in the colours of different times of the day. Look up and marvel at the sky, in all it’s glory. Pause and take a moment to realise that the sky it is older than you. This should make us feel pretty insignificant and humbled. If there is one thing that man needs to understand it is that we are temporary here. We are on borrowed time and so we should make our time count. We should be in service to the planet and each other. This planet is not ours, we are renting it off future generations and we should leave it in a state that will serve them. There is a saying in Islam; Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on earth ~ Prophet Muhammed (Peace be upon Him). That stuck a chord with me.

8. Write poetry – Use this time to become creative. Poetry is a beautifully useful way to express how you feel. Your poems can be short and snappy, lyrical and long, or make no sense what so ever – after all, nothing seems to be making much sense, of late. Poetry can be fun, expressive and can help get lots of things off your chest. Journaling is also a great help. Creative writing is cathartic. The Arts are cathartic – but you knew we were going to say that. You could even make it your project to create an e-book of poems, or a collection of bespoke handwritten Haikus – which you could sell later?! Just a thought.

9. Call loved ones and family members – Keep those channels open. I am missing my nieces – not being able to kiss their cheeks, look deep into their eyes and hold their hands is killing me. But we have to get through this. And we have to protect each other and everyone else and so we make the sacrifice. However that doesn’t mean we can’t see them. Nope, we have made it a habit of facetiming. Connection is important – we cannot lose that. Connection is hope. And the “Hope” is we get through this, TOGETHRE.

10. Pray/Meditate/Contemplate – whatever you believe there is something about taking time out of a busy day and sitting quietly to contemplate life. We might not be physically busy right now (unless you are a parent home schooling, and we feel for you) but our minds are racing through 50 million thoughts a second. That’s a lot of work and energy. Taking time to sit, to quieten the mind, clear your thoughts and focus on sending good healing energy, out into the world, can have a profound affect on your day. Your thoughts affect the way you feel and behave. If you can grab a hold of a negative thought before you have had the time to act on – you have just changed the course of your day. Imagine, if you could act on every good thought you had, what sort of a world you would create for yourself and those around you.

We don’t want to preach to you how to get through this lockdown. It’s hard enough as is it, but above are just a few ideas, that could help. Above all – please just be kind, to yourself and others. We literally are all in this together and your actions impact me and my actions impact you. I may not know you personally but what I do will be felt by you personally., at some point down the line. That is something we should all consider before doing anything that could harm or benefit our humanity.

Be safe. T.B.C…

13 thoughts on “Things to remember this Lockdown

  1. Hope that you are doing well! These are great and important points. In my country we have been in lockdown since March I believe. It has been tough but necessary. The vaccine arrived and more people are getting vaccinated. Everything on your post will help a lot in dealing with the lockdown. I also like the order in which you wrote each point! Thank you! Ill share your post to help others!

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    1. Hello, thank you for reading and taking the time to comment. I am absolutely back to good health, thankfully. Which country are you from? and since March?? Only yesterday my mum expressed how sad she was feeling because of this lockdown. It is hard but we must remember self care and care for each other.

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      1. Im from Puerto Rico. The lockdown has not been severe during the whole time but we have been dealing with it for quite some time. After elections, the number of cases raised. As you say, self-care is essential. I hope that your mom is doing good! it must not be easy for her. But we are here to support each other and save lives.

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  2. Thank you for this thoughtful post! I’m wishing you a speedy recovery. I’m so sorry you have to experience this. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family.
    It is a difficult time for the whole world, but what hurts my heart the most is the lack of concern and kindness we have been witnessing lately. It breaks my heart that people see what is happening in hospitals, long term care homes and the number of deaths being reported everyday and yet they are more concerned with their personal freedoms and trying to convince everyone it’s just a hoax.
    We are lockdown again in Ontario, but no one seems to be staying home. Everyone is out and about, business as usual as our number reach record highs. There has been a line drawn in the sand and people are taking sides. It’s heartbreaking. I pray that we all can find kindness towards each other again. That we once again learn to love and accept one another.

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  3. I’m sorry and hope you feel better soon. Very good points about where our energy and attention would be better spent, and how we are all interconnected. My father just got out of the hospital with covid a few days ago and I’m just now getting my nerves back! Take your time to rest and heal and thank you for sharing this piece.

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    1. Thank you Eric. Slowly and surely, we will all get through this. Speedy recovery for your dad too. If we all remembered we are connected, we would have a much better caring, kind and more compassionate world. We must keep going. Love and best wishes to you and yours.

      T.B.C x


  4. Wishing you a speedy recovery! The fact that you don’t have any other symptoms is definitely a good thing.
    I agree with you on people not caring so much about others’ personal space or health. Every time I am in a store with my 2 year old, people think they can just come up and touch her. In a freaking pandemic!

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    1. It is unfathomable. It is crazy and we cannot work out why people don’t want to help. It’s the same with all the major things that have happened. Brexit, (UK leaving the EU), BLM, Covid, Trump. If someone is telling you they are hurting, the way we heal is by listening and helping to do all we can to make the situation better!!

      Anyway – thank you so much for your well wishes. I am over the worse of it and looking forward to getting back to some normality.

      Keep safe, love and best wishes

      T.B.C x

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  5. Well said. Here in Ontario, Canada, we have been in lockdown since Boxing Day and it will continue at least until January 23. Sadly, people don’t get it and are still gathering. We have had a spike in cases over the last week. It’s hard to keep our spirits up but we must. These are all great ideas.

    I hope the virus passes quickly for you and you are well again soon!

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    1. Hey Michelle, thank you for your well wishes. I seem to getting over the worst of it. Next week I can go back to normal – what ever that is (certainly not wearing a mask indoors as I move through the house to get to bathroom). We are so confused at people, when they can see the results, they can read all the information and the death toll is proof enough, that we are dealing with something big and unknown, that they still refuse to act in a responsible and helpful manner. We have Covid deniers protesting about their “Human Rights” outside St Thomas’s hospital in London, saying Covid is nothing more than a hoax. And we lost over 80, 000 lives in one day! Still – these are the people who need education the most.

      I do hope all is well in your world. Love and Best Wishes

      T.B.C x

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