The World is Closed by Peter D Hehir

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My sister sent me a text today saying she had written a poem. I know she likes to write poetry every now and again I am reminded of how clever, full of wisdom and creative she is, and that I am not the only creative in the family. She hadn’t written it – it is the genius work of a Birmingham based poet called Peter D Hehir. It is heartbreakingly beautiful and I thank my sister for sending it.

The World is Closed

They said the world was closed today
So I went to have a look,
I found it with the shutters down
And the phone was off the hook.

So I stood there for a little while
But no one was around,
Then silence came and startled me
With the most alarming sound.

I asked him where the others were,
And why the streets were bare,
He whispered ‘Life had run away
While death was playing there’

‘Oh no’ I said ‘It can’t be true
For life is not afraid’
‘But no one ever goes’ he said
‘Where death has ever played’

I understood and walked away
As Hope was standing there
With Courage in her afterglow
And Sunlight in her hair.

She said ‘Go home to those you love
This is no place to be,
For if we walk these streets today
Then no one shall be free’.

She threw her light to lead the way
And showed me where to go,
The very road that life had gone
Where the future flowers grows.

Then death showed me another way
But I didn’t want to look,
So I stumbled home in time for tea
And I read another book.

It was called The World is Closed Today
And the streets we shouldn’t roam,
The first line said ‘Just please be safe’
And the ending ~ ‘Stay at Home’

The World is Closed by Peter D Hehir


2 thoughts on “The World is Closed by Peter D Hehir

    1. Isn’t it the most heart achingly hopeful poem. I love the rhythm and flow of it, It’s like a lyrical story and the image of “Hope standing there with Courage in her afterglow and sunlight in her hair”. Even as I write it fills me with energy and that the female energy is the one to lead the way… x

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