Creativity is Connection

Creativity is Contagious, pass it on! Albert Einstein

I am not sure what I am going on to say, today. I’ve had a few funny days, so I am not sure how my thoughts will translate on this page. However, I am going to try.

As an actor, my main job is to tell stories (as a way of retaining culture or as a means to inspire something new), to awaken within the onlooker empathy, sympathy and compassion. We wont always know what some one is going through, yet some how a good actor in a show – whether that is on the stage or telly, can convey a thousand emotions. “A picture speaks a thousand words”. Where actual words sometimes fail, music, dance and theatre can fill in the blanks. (Oh, and a good cup of tea. The beauty in the taste of the perfect cup of tea lies, in its creation). How many times have you listened to a song and connected with the music; cried, laughed or felt emboldened by the composition of the instruments. One of my favourite soundtracks is the Godfather Trilogy, which I am currently listening to in the car. I am also, often moved to the core when I listen to Ennio Morricone’s Ecstasy of Gold. 1. It is Epic. The Operatic nature of it transcends and places me outside of my human smallness (if that makes any sense). And 2. It takes me back to Prague. My partner is a huge fan of Ennio Morricone and the Spaghetti Western era of films. And so to treat him (and us) we went to see Maestro Morricone in his last concert, in Prague, 2016. So many people in the O2 in Prague, all celebrating with Ennio Morricone, together. “Very decadent” you say – but it was a time of pure connection, through music, food and art. We were immersed in the diversity of another country, too. It was sublime. (He passed in 2020 at the age of 91).

Art is creation. A painter uses his/her imagination to walk his/her hands over a blank canvass. A writer spills his/her mind on to a piece of paper to write a story. A musician, plucks notes seemingly out of thin air to create a piece of music that pierces the heart. An Actor/Dancer brings to life the words and notes, carefully crafted by the creator. We as bloggers – are creative expressions of ourselves and the worlds we inhabit. Creation allows us the necessary privilege of self expression and connection. And all of humanity craves connection.

I would like to share something I found tucked away in a book. I feared I had lost it, along with a beautiful bookmark, that was gifted to me at the end of a show! I remember going to the Audition in London and feeling like no matter what happened, I knew the gift I had to offer was special, sacred. I ended up getting the job, as I stood in my confidence and just allow curiosity and imagination to spill out of me. It was this “Blessing for An Audition”, below, that spurred me on to write this post. We are all creative and when we make something with our hands, words and bodies – we are summoning the divine within us. We are pure love and joy in that one single moment which transcends.

A Blessing for an Audition

Here I am again to put myself out there.
Calm my nerves. Strengthen my voice. Open my heart.
Let this performance inhabit my whole grand self. Let my talent and skill shine forth.
Let me be engaging and memorable, whether or not this is the part for me.
God of Life and Love and Art. Help me delight in my craft, no matter who watches.
Give me joy in this piece I offer today, and confidence for another, tomorrow.
Bless me, and bless others through me, to know the beauty of joy, depth, and truth in the sharing of a performance.
Praise be to you, Creative, Creating God, for the gifts of theatre, music and dance,
which open the world to empathy, wonder and compassion.

I long to be in a theatre, performing or even just to marvel at another actor playing, live. To have my emotions shook from within me, bringing me in to the world of connection and feeling. Theatres opening is a long way off. I nearly cried when PM Boris Johnson announced that it could be Mid May, however, until then we just have to keep our imaginations alive, keep telling stories, reading, writing and engaging with Art daily. It keeps the mind sane.

With love T.B.C…

4 thoughts on “Creativity is Connection

  1. Just lovely. I have times where I crave creation, whether it be dance or writing or pretending to act, so strongly that it feels like an addiction. Blogging soothes my soul, writing the stories in my mind clears the neurons, and the motion eases the stresses of the day. Thank you for sharing; I’m going to pin this so I don’t lose it. You are inspiring!

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    1. You’re reply is so inspiring. Thank you for reading and commenting. May we all find the time to be free and express ourselves in the ways that feel good to us – and may there be no judgement, from anyone xxx


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