July’s Round Up!

July’s round up!

Tomorrow is the first of August and although that’s come round pretty quick, I also feel like it’s taken an age to get here. I don’t know if that’s because the seasons are all topsy turvy; My jasmine bloomed late this year and stayed in bloom for all of 2 weeks! The strawberries were out in June and July, usually we go right into August – but we have none left to pick and flowers, well they have been doing their own thing. We have two huge sunflowers which was a surprise, as I had planted them last year with no crop. So, it is lovely to see them growing taller and taller in the garden. We’ve had a lot of rain, of late, haven’t we? I guess we have needed it but there is no denying global warming is real!

We have had a fantastic couple of months for work, despite the heart of our industry being ripped out and stamped on. The arts have suffered; theatres, arts venues and festivals remained closed until very recently. Andrew Lloyd Webber begged the government to u-turn, to allow theatres to open and operate at a covid safe capacity. He even did a trail show/concert to illustrate to Prime Minister Boris Johnson how it could all work. Johnson and his cronies waited a long time before unanimously saying NO, again. You kind of wonder why Andrew Lloyd Webber voted Tory in the first place.

The Conservative government hate the arts because the Arts are full of imagination and self-expression.

The arts present an arena in which debate, questioning and philosophy on the human experience is welcomed and expected. The arts are about spiritual and emotional growth, allowing us to imagine different, potentially better, realities for ourselves. We become compassionate and understand human trauma and happiness which is all about our evolution as people.

As we become masters of our imagination, we become masters of our lives; if you can see it, you can do it.

The government don’t like that. They like control. They like “taking back control”. They thrive off telling us how to live. They get excited by scapegoating whole communities, causing divides between the different classes and people from culturally diverse backgrounds. They don’t like that we can exist in a number of ways and help each other to evolve and achieve a peace, love and strenght. A fractured society, crushed by poor mental health and dependant on medicine for “better health” is much easier to manipulate and control and so they keep us down and boxed. They break us down, limit our resources and make us turn on each other because of it. And then they bring in laws to curb your enthusiasm for life, to protest your rights or the rights of other marginalised groups. So, of course they were going to cut arts funding. Of course, they were going to make the industry operate at a skeletal level. Of course, they were going to suck creativity out of life. And while they were at it they have taken to blaming ethnic minority doctors and nurses, who make up at least 80% of the NHS work force and blame them for the deaths of so many people. That the NHS can’t handle the pressure – well when you slowly chip away at something, what do you expect! The Home Office is a disgrace – “sending people back home”. It doesn’t matter that the Home Secretary herself is the daughter of an immigrant and had it not been for this country, she and her family would have been sent back to war torn Uganda, worse still, killed at the border or drowned out at sea.

She and BoJo encouraged racists to boo football players Taking the Knee – even after the team repeatedly explained why they were doing it. The Euro’s were phenomenal. It was the first time in my life, I got behind the England team. I felt proud of the team of my country because of Gareth Southgate and the way he prepared the team. It is not possible to leave politics out of sport, especially when the young players are being racially abused in their own country. Those players step on to that pitch with their whole history. We all do. We cannot deny ourselves who we are, especially when we are reminded time and again that we don’t belong. And it is unfair for anyone to ask us to leave behind such experiences that make us who we are today.

The Home Secretary is a shameful woman, and she is not one of us. She is not you or me. She is not one of us.

What about B

Right, rant over. Let’s get back to the task in hand. A positive round up of July.

Image by Monty Vern

#MyFirstTime came to an end, and it was another incredibly successful collaboration. We seem to love these collabs. They are a way for us to get to know our blogging community a little more intimately, which is always a treat. We adore that fact that we can bring so many people from around the world, together, on one platform sharing their life stories. We are, after all storytellers. You can catch the whole series here – we guarantee you there is something there for everyone. There is strength in diversity, there is knowledge and power in diversity. We can all benefit from it.

I’ve been in work since we went back last November. Our set kept running so the scripts and story lines came thick and fast. Covid filming, however, means that we can still take our time and focus on the storytelling. Though performing to a tennis ball has not be very exciting!

Covid Vaccination

I got my 2nd jab today. I had a huge dilemma of whether I should or shouldn’t. Not because I am an anti vaxxer, but for genuine concerns – I don’t take a paracetamol for a headache, let alone a jab for something. I’m a natural remedy type of human. So, I had to talk to myself hard and fast about this, not for me but for the people around me.

Book Club!

I am also in the throws of reading two books. I struggle to get through one sometimes but, I am doing well. Sensuous Knowledge by Minna Salami and Untamed by Glennon Doyle. Both are extraordinary books looking at feminism, culture and patriarchy. It’s the elixir I never knew I needed. Never have women been so bold in the demand for their liberation than now, worldwide. The Farmers Protests in India, still ongoing, have given rise to efforts poured in by woman from farming villages. They literally are the backbone of the farming industry. They are learning how important their role in this movement is. Because without the women – it wouldn’t have the momentum it does. They are realising their rights, alongside the rights of men and other workers and they are demanding change, now. I have never seen women from our diaspora stand so tall, be so present, and so full of their rights! It’s bloody powerful and emboldening.

Untamed is along the same lines; doing what is right for you. Not being ashamed of taking space and time and not asking permission to live. To consider what happens to our soul when we put the needs of our whole community before our own. When we see ourselves through the eyes of everyone else but ourselves. Glennon a mother of three, whose marriage breaks down and she ends up falling in love with a woman. It’s complete recipe for self-discovery and pure completeness and I am all here for it! I have tweeted quotes from both books. I think both books are for everyone – not just women. Reading two books simultaneously has given me inspiration to perhaps incorporate a Book Review/Club section on our blog! Watch this space. Oh, and I have loved doing my jigsaw. Something very meditative about it. You can enter the puzzle and all your worries melt away.

What about T

T has been busy writing scripts. A new rom-com, about a young couple choosing to marry the traditional way, is currently in development and he has another adaptation of a classic on the go, which is going to be excellent. The adaptation is another comedy. T’s forte is comedy. He is also in rehearsals for another show which will go live early October with limited capacity and an online audience. This is not a comedy but a show about climate change, government responsibility and media bias. He is well chuffed. It’s been two years since he was last on stage. I’m a little envious, as all my work is tv, now. Stage ignites the spirit in a different way. So good for T, getting all that work. It has, as you can imagine, been incredibly hard not working. Not being creative affects our mental health and confidence. It’s almost like therapy.

What about C

C started a new school back in April and has more responsibility than she did as a teaching assistant. She is now an Advanced Teaching Assistant. She can now teach drama at school, and of course, she loves that. She helps young people express themselves – especially those whose first language is not English and even those English children who struggle with learning to read or write English.  She has been spending a lot of time with her daughter, getting to know her better. C’s daughter is now a teenager and learning about who she wants to be and her place within the world. C is a brilliant mother helping to facilitate her daughter’s curiosity, growth, and self-expression. I love C. She is an amazing woman and friend.

In fact, I met up with both, when restrictions were lifted. T and I spent a couple of gorgeous weekends catching up and getting reacquainted as a couple. LDR’s are hard, but we are good for each other in many ways. The connection is soulful, and I couldn’t have asked for a better partner, friend, lover, counsel. C is a very old pal and again, although long distance, we are a friendship that works across miles, across borders.

So that’s us in a nutshell. My folks are fine. My nieces are beautiful menaces and I’ve caught up with my sister a lot lately. It’s just perfect, I have actually, really, nothing to complain about.

We hope all is well in your world. Sorry for the rant, but I just needed to get stuff off my chest. We are hopeful; we know the world is full of love and wonderful people.

Thank you for reading. With Love


10 thoughts on “July’s Round Up!

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting. Our government have a lot to answer for. And I am glad that we share the same sentiments but sad that this exists for is to be able to share. Xx


    1. Both are mindblowingly brilliant and have had me thinking ever since I started reading them. I am actually really toying with the BookClub/Review idea. Thank you for stopping by and commenting x


    1. Thank you so much Rachel. We all have the capacity to use our creative faculties. Lets keep doing what we are doing and continue to inspire people. Thanks so much for dropping by xxx


  1. Always good to hear how things are going. We had a great spring and early summer with all the My First Time collaborations. Wishing you all the best!

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