BrainStorms Award + Nominations

Thank You

We would love to thank Jasperden Health for nominating us for the BrainStorms Award. It is an honour to be nominated. Jasperden Health is a blog run by the wonderful Rachel; a self professed couch potato turned runner. Her blog is full of articles and posts on getting the best out of life; managing mental health issues, healthy lifestyle choices and talks about the healing affects of certain foods on the body. We recommend checking out Rachels blog as soon as you can.


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5. Talk a bit about your blog, why you started it, what you write on and your goal for your blog.

6. Answer the five questions you have been asked.

7. Nominate five other amazing bloggers.

8. Ask them five new questions.

How we started our Blog

Lets face it, 2020 has seen the biggest change in our lives to date. A virus, remarkably, shut down the whole world and here in the UK, we were shut down for nearly 6 months. Our industry – just like every one else’s ceased production. Theatre’s closed their doors to the public, tv sets shut down, shows that were in rehearsal were cancelled for the foreseeable future and all future research and development work came to a halt. We, like the rest of the world, were lost because all we knew was how to tell stories and connect with humanity through these stories, no matter how weird or wild they were. Telling stories in the way we knew how was compromised.

We needed to keep creatively sane and so T.B.C at Hyacinth for the Soul was born. The three of us, who live in different parts of the UK, were able to come together to create a space where we could talk about our industry. However, our blog became more than that. T.B.C became an extension of our creativity, another way for us to explore who we were, learn about what made us tick and learn about other people. It became another place to share information, experience and connect with others – our creative flow found another outlet. That is the beauty of Art – it always finds a way to express itself. And all we can ask for is that we continue to stay open and learn…

Our Answers

Seeing as there are three of us, we’ll share the questions out between us.

1. What was your favourite experience?

B here! My favourite experience was a recent visit to the Minack Theatre in Cornwall (UK). It is an open air amphitheatre, carved out of the edge of a rock, with it own micro climate, and plants that do not grow anywhere else in country. The Minack is a legacy left behind by a woman named Rowena Cade and her gardener Billy Rawlings. Rowena, and her helpers built the theatre, by hand – no machinery was used in carving the granite rock into a suitable acting space for local actors. Shakespeare’s The Tempest was the first play to be performed on the Minack stage, in 1932, and I feel it’s quite fitting when you see the pictures. As the years went by Rowena kept carving, kept creating and kept allowing the layout of the whole theatre to reveal itself to her. The materials used to create the theatre are a mixture of concreate and sand (sand brought up by hand from the beach). The Minack was a life long project for Rowena, right up until the age of 89, when she passed away. Rowena was an artist and a builder.

It is absolutely well worth checking out – if for nothing else but the stunning views.

What made the trip even more special, alongside the breath taking views, tour around all the magical nooks and crannies, and dressing rooms that overlook the sea, was that I went there with T (my partner), and something moved us deep down. Perhaps because we were standing, literally, on a dream brought to life by one human being. Actors bring to life stories of our humanity – we meet each other on that stage and we share for brief moment what it means to be human. We connect. The Minack – where stories are interplayed with the elements is a connection for which I have no words for. We just know it, deep down, because it feels epic, it feels expansive, it feels like belonging. We both made a prayer to come back and play the Minack, at least once in our lifetime.

2. Is there a place you haven’t been to but would like to go?

C here! Italy! It’s a place that is totally achievable, but I always wanted to go there with a partner. So near, yet so far. The culture, the history, the food, the weather…. beautiful. I want to sit in a cafe, with a coffee and my sunglasses on, just wasting the day watching the world pass me by. 

Photo by Emily Geibel on

3. Has the pandemic changed you in any way?

T here! I thought it would be tough because I was hearing stories in the media about people breaking down. So naturally you wonder how you will fare? However, I’ve learnt that actually, I am quite self sufficient and I enjoy my own company along with close friends and family around me.

Photo by Sean Patrick on

4. If you had lots of money, what would you spend it on?

B here! My job has recently seen me make lots of money. More so than when I worked in theatre. And, I am a little lost as to what to do with the money. I have always donated to different charities and causes, and I love that I am currently in a position to be able to help a little more. I hope that I am able to continue to help in such ways. For myself? It’s a tough one but I have been thinking about one day being able to buy a house by the seaside and have a designated room for a library. A space that is calm, a space in which I can read books, drink coffee and eat cake as and when I please. A place to contemplate and chill as I enter different worlds and ideas found in books. Floor to ceiling shelves full of books that I want to read, with lots of light. I never ever been in a position where I could even contemplate owning my own home, so it’s been nice having these thoughts!

5. Who do you admire and why?

This answer is an amalgamation of all our thoughts. T.B and C here…

I admire anyone who is able to be positive; who can look a bad day in the face and shrug it off – I let my bad days own me and I’m always trying to look on the sunny side of life – I learn a lot from people who can turn it around. I aim to be better. I want to see the good in life. 

Positivity is infectious so lets spread it!


There are so many of our bloggers we wanted to nominate for this award. All our blogging community are deserving of all the awards going, however the rules are the rules. So here are our 5 Nominees are the formidable, with links to their blogs. We highly recommend checking them out!

Monty Vern

Carson Bodhi

Eric The Thoughtful Beggar

The Secret Submissive

Bill; a_silly_place

Five Questions

Here are our 5 questions

  1. What was the last book/tv programme you read/watched, and what did you think of it?
  2. What challenges did you face in your blogging/vlogging journey and how did you overcome?
  3. What is the best bit of advice in life anyone has EVER given you?
  4. If you were the leader of your country – how would you make it better?
  5. What do you think the world needs more of right now to become a better place? (defo will be using your inspiration)

We hope you enjoyed our thoughts and ideas and we look forward to your answers. Thank you once again to Jasperdan Health for the nomination.

With love T.B.C…

3 thoughts on “BrainStorms Award + Nominations

  1. Many thanks for your shoutout and for participating in this nomination. I’m looking forward to the entertainment industry recovering from this pandemic. We need it so much.
    I love your answers. Minack theatre looks amazing; I’ve never heard of it.
    I hope you get to Italy. I love that country.
    Keep up your excellent work. 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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