1st of October


Blogtober start’s today and it is our first time taking part. It’s scary… as scary as some of the ‘trick or treat’ characters we’ll meet later this year. However, we wanted to jump straight into the bloodbath and give ourselves a fright – Blogtober means a blog post, every day, to the lead up to Halloween. That’s 31 posts! That is a huge undertaking and it makes us sick to stomach with fear; will we be able to do it, will our content be interesting enough, will we meet some unsavoury comments on the way that will make us crawl back into the hole we came out of. Will it be the ‘Night of the Living Dead’ with zombies coming for us for ruining Blogtober… OK – perhaps we’re taking this a little too seriously!

One thing is for sure though – the fear is real and, it is only in the mind. If we can face our Demons head on, well then, nothing can get in the way and we’ll have accomplished another badge in the Blogging World (for us).

What can you expect from T.B.C?

What can you expect? Well, we have 31 posts ranging from our experiences of Halloween as children, pumpkin picking, recipes and ideas, our favourite (not so favourite) horror movies, shows and podcasts, some South Asian Folklore and some stories from our local towns – ones we were never allowed to repeat as children! And we have a little more horror thrown in for good measure.

So, we hope you’ll join us in scaring the heebee jeebee’s out of all us: bloggers and readers alike.

Here’s to a fab #Blogtober!


Blogtober Day 2 – The Battersea Poltergeist

Blogtober Day 3 – Autumn

Blogtober Day 4 – The Story of Blue Bell Hill

Blogtober Day 5 – The Dark

Blogtober Day 6 – Midnights Beast

Blogtober Day 7 – Untamed by Glennon Doyle (Book Review)

Blogtober Day 8 – Autumn Skincare

Blogtober Day 9 – Autumn Chorus

Blogtober Day 10 – The Angel of Death

Blogtober Day 11 – Superstitions

Blogtober Day 12 – The Bell Tower

Blogtober Day 13 – It’s Warm Inside

Blogtober Day 14 – The Hot Air Balloon

Blogtober Day 15 – Comfort in Discomfort

Blogtober Day 16 – The House of Secrets; The Burari Deaths

Blogtober Day 17 – Autumn Chorus Moodboard #2

Blogtober Day 18 – Autumn Arts & Crafts

Blogtober Day 19 – Pumpkin Curry

Blogtober Day 20 – Autumn Chorus Moodboard #3


12 thoughts on “BLOGTOBER ’21

  1. How fun! I’m not really doing blogtober this year, but I do intend to post more than usual. Can’t wait to see what you have planned.

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  2. 31 posts is an ambitious endeavour. I salute you for taking part. I could never find enough material or time to write 31 posts about mental health. So congratulations on planning and creating 31 posts already. I look forward to seeing your blogtober series

    Liked by 1 person

    1. We know right, at the moment we feel quite galvanised by it… I wonder what it will be like after the first week. We have some posts in the bank to start us off, hehehe! Lets see what happens. Thank you for stopping by xxx


    1. Thanks so much Michelle. We are incredibly excited. Wrote a few posts already and we are really looking forward to sharing. Ps loved your selfie on instagram. You are looking well and vibrant. Lots of love xxx

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