Blogtober 4th October ’21

The Story of Blue Bell Hill

Legend has it that the Ghost of Blue Bell Hill is the most famous story to ever come out of Kent.

As children we were never allowed to repeat the story of Blue Bell Hill and I really have no idea why. I just remember every time we would ask family members to tell us what happened, we would first be met with silence and chiding looks. And then when we probed further because our imaginations were running wild, we would be told to “stop talking” and sent to our bedrooms. This is where we would sit, discuss and piece together what little information we had to come up with a good scary story!

The Facts

Our story is set: November 18th 1965 when a bride-to-be tragically dies in a car accident.

Susan Browne (22) and her two friends were on their way back from her hen night when Susan’s Ford Cortina spun out of control on the A229, colliding with a Jaguar coming the other way. She was due to marry RAF technician Bryan Wetton on the 19th of November.

The Medway link road to Maidstone is said to be a route where many a driver has reported the sighting of ghostly figures that predate the Ghost of Blue Bell Hill. It is a route I always feel very weird driving through. It feels spooky for sure, but it is bleak too and it feels like it hold’s death. Interestingly, it is the main route leading to one of Kent’s main Crematoriums’. Sonya Roseman – a film maker, who released a drama entitled The Ghost of Blue Bell Hill in 2014 said “I just think the whole place is tragic and there is such a bad feeling there”. Kent Online

The Story

Motorists driving down the A229 are likely to see a ghostly figure walking across the road. The figure stops in the middle of the road, turns and stares the motorist dead in the eyes, causing the motorists to crash as they swerve to avoid hitting the figure. Those who are lucky enough to miss a near crash, stop and look back out of the rear view mirror to make sure they didn’t hit the figure and that everything is ok. But the figure has vanished.

The other story, the one that we were told never to repeat is that of a female hitchhiker; Susan Browne. She is reported to have stopped motorists in a bid to hitch a ride home to Chatham. She jumps into the back seat and the drive begins. Part of the way home the driver is said to look back in the rear view mirror only to see… nothing! The young girl has vanished without a sound. Naturally that would leave anyone shook!

As with such stories, sometimes ‘other’ facts come to life after the original telling of the tale. So you do question how true, if, any of it really is! But the longer version of the story belonging to the Ghost of Blue Bell Hill… goes like this…

The young woman in the back of the car makes light conversation with the driver. The driver continues to drive and talk. Part of way through their journey, the driver looks back to see that the female has vanished. Perturbed by her sudden disappearance, the driver pulls up to further inspect the back seat of the car only to find a jacket. The driver remembers the address and proceeds to deliver the jacket but also to try and understand what is going on. The driver reaches the door of the house, knocks. An older lady answers the door. The driver hands the jacket over saying “I think your daughter left this in my car”. The old lady looks into the drivers eyes and says “my daughter has been dead 50 years”.

Susan Browne and Patricia Ferguson are said to have died a few days later in hospital. The girl who died at the scene was Judith Lingham. Who is the girl on the hill? Why does she stop motorists? Why does she get in the car only to then disappear? Why are the motorists who have reported seeing the ghost all male?

The last sighting of the girl on the hill was in 2019, when heavy snow brought traffic to a standstill. Images taken of standstill traffic revealed a figure to be standing in the central reservation. Have a look and decide for yourself. Is it a ghost?

Source Kent Online


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