Autumn Chorus

Yesterday I went out for a walk and I was mesmerised by the colours of Autumn. Although the leaves are falling and the lush green seems to have disappeared – Autumn and her vibrant array of colours left me breathless. I just had to capture what I was seeing and feeling. As it goes I am in love with some of the amazing photographs you see on Instagram of warm autumnal sets ups.

Burnt oranges, browns, creams and whites all in beautiful chorus with each other. Autumns harmony is sweet and we cannot get enough of it.

So here is a collection of some of our street photography. We will create another post with more shots… we still have to go Pumpkin Picking.

Mood Board #1

Mood Board #2

Mood Board #3

We cannot wait to share more of our Autumn Chorus mood boards.


5 thoughts on “Autumn Chorus

    1. I know right. We kept seeing such gorgeous images on Instagram, and I thought why don’t TBC try creating their own mood board. I mean we can get better at it but its a start. Thanks for stopping by xx

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