Autumn Arts and Crafts

Autumn Arts & Crafts

Blogtober 21 Day 30

Happy Halloween Eve. We hope you’re enjoying getting ready for this evening. We carved out pumpkins yesterday – we have pictures and recipes coming, so make sure you look out for our ideas! A sneak peak below…

Pumpkin carving!

I love getting all artsy craftsy with my nieces around Halloween and Christmas. It is the only time I can allow myself to make loads of mess and not feel bad about it, at all. We love painting, colouring, drawing, cutting out and using glitter to sparkle up any picture, and we are huge fans of using nature to create great pieces of art work. Autumn leaves and conqures provide the perfect inspiration. Leaves are a brilliant way to decorate your home at any occasion, particularly at Christmas. We’ll do a little post about our Christmas decorations nearer the time – lets first get Halloween out of the way, oh and my birthday hehehe!

It’s been half term in the UK this week and so me and the girls got to work creating some artistic magic. I love collecting leaves in the Autumn, the colours and shapes alone are enough to make you want to use them in your artwork – but the second you add glitter to the piece, well it transcends the creation. Not only did we enjoy letting our personalities spill out on the page, it is also a very soulful way of connecting with each other. We literally just love spending time being free and in art there is no wrong or right way of being – it is all self expression and anything goes.

Most of the materials like PVA glue, scissors, wooden frames, glitter, pens, coloured/patterned paper, brushes can all be bought from your local arts and crafts shop. We love The Works you can literally find anything there. Its like Aladdin’s Cave – you go in looking for something and come out with a whole load of other stuff too. It’s also where I buy most of my jigsaws. It really is a fabulous shop; great materials for great prices. We also had an array of buttons collected throughout the years. Buttons are fabulous!

We also laid a bin liner across the floor, otherwise my dad would have had my guts hahah! But it also helps to make tidying up easier and quicker. You just pull all four corner into the middle and envelope all the rubbish with in the bag. You also need to collect your own leaves. An assortment of leaves will stand you in good stead of creating something unique, also don’t discount the smaller leaves. They can be quite magical. You can collect conquers and cones too to add to the diversity of your work. Plus they can also be used in a wreath, which we might try at Christmas. But with out further ado, here are our beautiful creations.

Creating with Nature

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