What’s to say…

“Sometimes you just have to stay silent because no words can explain how you feel”

We’ve been a little quiet lately and I think the above quote by Ashutosh Biswas sums up, perhaps, why. We came across the above quote whilst leafing through twitter and it resonated with us.

Life has been busy; work for all three of us has been fantastic. Workshops in remote islands of Scotland, teaching in Huddersfield and filming in London has kept us entertained and full of beans. But when we get back home – we are knackered. I know for me, the glairing lights of the set and running through the numerous scenes, all out of sequence (so you feel like your character has a personality disorder), then driving home after a very long day really does take it out of me. So sometimes all I want to do is sit silence. Nothing is wrong – I just have nothing to say and I want my mind to switch off! As a result, T.B.C has suffered for lack of content.

This post isn’t about anything special either. We have ideas but they aren’t quite firing on all cylinders, just yet. We are thinking about a huge collaboration like we’ve done in the past; My First Time and Christmas Collaborations. Do click and have a read, you won’t be disappointed because we enlisted the help of our talented Blog Squad to curate the two insightful and personal series’. Sometimes bloggers post about popular subjects; skincare, reviews, the news, lifestyle, cake/food recipes and the like, and it is all very well and good, but we don’t often get to know the blogger – personally. And so we found that when we ran our two very distinct series we were able to learn more about the excellent bloggers we followed. We backed them up with original illustrations and art work by Monty Vern, who also runs his own blog on word press He’s had a successful streak with #Bloganuary its worth checking out here.

So, ideas are bubbling away and we are hoping to having something wonderful happen, soon. Watch this space as they say.

We also realised that January may have something to do with our inaction to blogging. Plus the news of our corrupt government has kept us angrily enthralled and shouting at the telly every Wednesday at PMQ’s and Thursday at Question Time.

Prime Ministers Questions is held in the House of Commons and is basically where members of parliament can ask the PM literally anything – even for his resignation, which has been the case of late. Whether he answers correctly or leaves office is another matter. But the theatre of it is 1. grossly entertaining and 2. highly frustrating. You can watch the latest car crash here.

Question Time is simply a tv talk show with a live audience and a panel made up of members belonging to different political parties, (often with opposing views) journalists, writers etc. They answer questions from the audience, debate and give their opinions on politics in the news for that week. It is another diabolical show but its one worth watching to gauge the mood and tone of the country.

The UK government has become a joke, a farcical restoration comedy as we learn that everyone, is literally in bed with everyone else. It’s not a very funny joke and we are not the envy of the world, as we may once have been, with our below than average recovery post-pandemic, BREXIT, fucking BREXIT, the right winged biased media and everything being dominated by #Partygate and Sue Gray’s report. The rise in cost of living, tax rises, energy bills sore, the worst possible handling and death rate in Europe (perhaps even the world) of the Pandemic and I still hear people, on LBC defending this fucking incompetent, disgraceful, shameful government run by a sodding clown.

And I thought we had nothing to say – we are frustrated, happy, and busy in equal measure. We will be back and perhaps we will look to maybe posting once every month. Should help with gathering content and being content with life. Oh, I am also running a book club – early stages yet, but I have set myself the challenge of 10 books for this year. I’m on track and that feels good!

And there’s me thinking we had nothing to say! HA! Have a fantastic February. You’ll hear from us soon again, soon enough.

With Love


3 thoughts on “What’s to say…

  1. Thanks for the update. I have missed you. I have been watching the news unfold with interest. I couldn’t help but think of the poor Queen sitting by herself at her husband’s funeral while the morons in government party away with no regard for anyone but themselves. They will have their day of reckoning.

    And, if you want to do another collaboration, count me in any time!

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