Get Your Golden Shovel poetry series

We are no poets – but we love words. We love creating and so when our good pal Monty at asked us if we would like to participate in his collaborative poetry series “Get Your Golden Shovel!” we couldn’t resist. Get Your Golden Shovel Poetry is also a great way for us to get back to blogging. Thank you Monty!

Click here to check out the rules for the collaboration.

Here is this week’s prompt: Golden Shovel No. 01

The Gong of Time by Carl Sandburg (Honey and Salt)

“Time says hush. By the gongs of time you live.”

I was waiting a very long time
He arrives and with gusto he says
You’re just noise, be silent, hush
Before I can say jog on by
He sits down and slams the
Book hard – its thud gongs
Through the house of

My father’s in which I have spent time
With you
But now it’s different, where I live.

It’s quick!! Hope you enjoy xx


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