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Christmas Collaborations Is He Here Yet!by Concealed Voices Twisting and turning in my bed unable to sleep with my cheeks hurting from the beaming smile across my face on Christmas Eve is a vivid memory I will cherish until the day I die. The excitement of the unknown kept me awake for most of the … More Post 3

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Christmas Collaborations Christmas: The Best Time of Year!by Chehak Hey everyone, my name is Chehak! For me Christmas is truly the best time of the year. You can visibly see a happy spring in my walk as soon as December sets in and I know that Christmas is close!! I am drawn so much to … More Post 2

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Christmas Collaborations A Different Christmasby Life With KtKinnes Ah Christmas. My favourite time of the year! People on the streets are furious with each other because “do these people have no homes??”, traffic everywhere you turn, and everyone gets frustrated at hearing the same tinny music coming from the speakers in the shops. Everyone is … More Post 1