May Motivation

It’s a new month, admittedly, we are five days in but we are still at the start. So, I’ve decided – just this very second, actually, that I am going to set myself a little challenge. April was a tough month for reasons I don’t want to go into. I feel like the last few … More May Motivation


It’s been a while but we were sort of running dry of ideas of what to write about. And, you know what that gets like… a day away becomes two, three, a week, a few more, a month, 2 months and then some. The longer we left it the harder it became to think of … More Aunty

What’s to say…

“Sometimes you just have to stay silent because no words can explain how you feel” We’ve been a little quiet lately and I think the above quote by Ashutosh Biswas sums up, perhaps, why. We came across the above quote whilst leafing through twitter and it resonated with us. Life has been busy; work for … More What’s to say…

The Hot Air Balloon

Blogtober ’21 Day 16 Today is a turning point.  It’s a small thing, barely perceptible to anyone else.  But it’s big.  Huge, in fact.  Today, my little girl, my only baby, my best friend forever has decided to go into town.  By herself.  On a bus.  Without me.  Now, I know *everyone* does this. It’s … More The Hot Air Balloon

It’s warm inside

Another Blogtober poem Crispy crunchy fallen leavesBrowns, yellow orange and greens. How the season changes soFull of warm Autumnal glow Nights draw in and the temperature dropsCrackling fires stacked with logs Hot Chocolate and cream to soothe the soulAn oversized Arran jumper, blanket in tow My favourite thing big fluffy socksFur lining inside, baby soft … More It’s warm inside

The Bell Tower

Day 14 – Blogtober ’21 We are now on day 14 of #Blogtober21 and my what a couple of weeks its been already. We started off with such vigour and excitement and we still have the excitement, however we are waning on the vigour somewhat, as life gets in the way. We still have lots … More The Bell Tower


Superstitions; we have plenty of them – some of which can be explained and other’s well, no one really knows the origins of but, still swear living by them. Being of South Asian heritage, born and raised in England I am proud to say that I am “culturally fluid!” I heard that phrase in a … More Superstitions

Autumn Chorus

Yesterday I went out for a walk and I was mesmerised by the colours of Autumn. Although the leaves are falling and the lush green seems to have disappeared – Autumn and her vibrant array of colours left me breathless. I just had to capture what I was seeing and feeling. As it goes I … More Autumn Chorus

Blogtober ’21 Poem

Midnights Beast It comes late at night.2 am to be preciseI can’t mute the soundIt bangs and crashes around The rumble comes like thunderIt’s breaks my resolve and I plunderDeep into hysteriaIt’s crispy shell and soft interior It whispers my name ever so gentlyBut I know its trying to wake meI turn around and try … More Blogtober ’21 Poem


Introduction Blogtober start’s today and it is our first time taking part. It’s scary… as scary as some of the ‘trick or treat’ characters we’ll meet later this year. However, we wanted to jump straight into the bloodbath and give ourselves a fright – Blogtober means a blog post, every day, to the lead up … More BLOGTOBER ’21

The Scottish Highlands

My partner thinks I am crazy for always wanting to trek up to the Scottish Highlands. When I say “trek” I mean drive through the windy roads, viewing the dramatic scenery of epic mountains and waterfalls from the car, with the occasional stop for pictures. If you have never driven up through the Scottish Highlands … More The Scottish Highlands

Homemade Blackberry Jam

It’s been a while since we last spoke. Lot’s of things have happened; lockdown, unlocked a little and we all felt apprehensive. Some of us still wear masks on public transport and inside public spaces, the West pulled out of Afghanistan, leaving civilians to fend for themselves (it’s what we do – don’t get me … More Homemade Blackberry Jam

Things we believe in

Originally posted on A Silly Place:
A couple months ago, I saw an essay in The New York Times by Mike Schur and Todd May titled “What We Believe About Freedom.” It was part of the Times’ “The Big Ideas: What Do We Believe?” series, and although it’s probably behind a paywall unless you subscribe,…

July’s Round Up!

July’s round up! Tomorrow is the first of August and although that’s come round pretty quick, I also feel like it’s taken an age to get here. I don’t know if that’s because the seasons are all topsy turvy; My jasmine bloomed late this year and stayed in bloom for all of 2 weeks! The … More July’s Round Up!

New Beginnings

Written by Shelly DS “New Beginnings” This phrase almost sounds ridiculous because if something is new, it is the beginning. And by the same token, if it is a beginning, it is new. Whoever first introduced that phrase must be a clown! For years – no, decades – I would cringe each time I heard … More New Beginnings

First Times

Story by The Secret Submissive There’s nothing quite like the thrill and excitement of a first-time experience and my very first BDSM session was nothing short of mind-blowing! It was this very journey, with Sir, that led me to write my very first novel, A Taste of Submission: The Good Indian Girl. Written from the … More First Times

My First Hit…

By Monty Vern Once when I was six years old,My brother gave meA rolled joint to holdWhile he struck the matchLighting the twisted end until it glowed. The first inhale tickled my throat’s back,Coughing violently, I dropped itAnd quickly received a whackfrom my brother’s slapfor wasting my first hit with a hack. It fell into … More My First Hit…

My First Girl

By Joseph Bowden Affectionate, cool, faithful, kind, pleasant, and thoughtful. These are just some of the adjectives I don’t associate with the first girl I dated.. Hey all. Welcome to my second guest post for the wonderful and talented trio – TBC. My name is Joey and I’m the owner of the men’s blogging website … More My First Girl

Kiss Me

Kiss me while I lay under you Gently tingling in your hue Warming up as you caress My skin letting go of all stress Let me be washed in colour Let me be scented in your odour Let me feel electric and hot Let me rise up and just flop Let me be touched by … More Kiss Me

My Guardian Angel

By Sariye Friendship is one thing, but an incredible bond that can never be broken…. Priceless! I always thought I had good friendships growing up, ones you can vent to, ones you can sometimes be vulnerable with, and some you can put all your energy in and hope the bond is mutual. I thought I … More My Guardian Angel

Rosary Beads

Allow me to set the scene. In the past four years I have visited Iraq five times. Four of the visits have been for charitable purposes and to take part in a widely unknown pilgrimage called ‘Arba’een’. Arbaeen is the largest annual gathering of any religion globally. It is predominantly, the Shi’a sect of Islam, … More Rosary Beads

Poetry for the Soul

They say poetry is food for the tormented soul. It soothes, nourishes and proceeds to artfully comment upon the suffering felt by humans. If a writer or poet falls in love with you – it is said that you will forever be immortalised. How romantic! I’d love for some one to write poetry about me, … More Poetry for the Soul

Weekend Fillers

We enjoyed Christmas Collaborations so much so that we decided to continue creating Christmas content throughout December. The 12 fantastically diverse posts are available on our Christmas Collaborations page. Treat yourself to a cosy story or two, a poem or a personal reflection on Christmas from our blog squad. We have to say that each … More Weekend Fillers

Stocking Fillers

Christmas Collaborations maybe over, however we are still in the lead up to Christmas and we didn’t want to miss out sharing a few gems before it’s all over. We will also be keeping you warm throughout December with our weekend fillers, in which we share special recipes that have kept us going throughout the … More Stocking Fillers

Post 12

Christmas Collaborations Wrap up by T.B.C… When we were initially talking about doing something for Christmas for our blog, we had no idea it would manifest in the way it has.  We tentatively reached out to some of our favourite bloggers and asked if they would like to celebrate the lead up to Christmas by … More Post 12

Post 11

Christmas Collaborations 24 Christmas Wishes for Our Worldby Michelle Oram It’s no secret that 2020 has been a difficult year. As Christmas approaches, and the pandemic continues to wreak havoc across the globe, we all need a big dose of Christmas spirit. Years ago, when Sears Canada was still in business, the arrival of the … More Post 11

Post 10

Christmas Collaborations T’was the night before Christmas, in the year 2020by The Doubting Thomas ‘Twas the night before Christmas, in the year 2020We’ve had quite a year, with adjustments aplentyThe stockings, still hung by the chimney with careThe tree shining bright with its twinkling glareThe children, excited, for it’s been quite a yearNo better way … More Post 10

Post 9

Christmas Collaborations Christmas Ritualsby T.B.C… I was always a night owl. I would stay up reading with a torch under my covers; or listening for steps on the creaky stairs so I could pretend to be asleep when my dad came to check on me. I would slow my breathing and make sure my eyes … More Post 9

Post 8

Christmas Collaborations A Surprise Called Nickby Smelly Socks and Garden Peas The rain poured down, tapping loudly on the windows. As Marley waited to be collected from afterschool club, she sighed. It was alright for Sam, his friends had been at the club earlier and now he was getting a story from Mrs Smith. Marley’s … More Post 8

Post 7

Christmas Collaborations A Kinkmas Miracle by The Secretive Submissive ‘T’was the night before Christmas, when all through the houseNot a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,In hopes that her Dominant soon would be there; Anya sighed heavily and drew her knees to her chest, pulling the … More Post 7

Post 6

Christmas Collaborations Why the Lie?by The Thoughtful Beggar Thankfully, because we were using a tiny stuffed basketball that couldn’t be bounced, I was able to drive the make shift lane and dunk on the small white plastic hoop that my brother and I taped up above a door way in our grandma’s basement in Kansas … More Post 6

Post 5

Christmas Collaborations Never Seen a White Christmas by Catarina Early in the morning waking up to the cold, white covered trees and dark sky was one of the most wonderful experiences ever. Christmas means family, joy, happiness, love, hot chocolate, a beautiful Christmas tree and lovely lights!! Growing up in the Caribbean was like waking … More Post 5

Post 4

Christmas Collaborations Merry Christmas! (in Jersey)by Monty Vern Jersey visits were usually a bore; But Christmas at dad’s was all about more; More presents and candies and all the holiday gore; Always made home feel desperately poor. Jersey holiday visits were all about gifting; Branded sweaters and blue jeans usually Ill fitting; Gift cards and … More Post 4

Post 3

Christmas Collaborations Is He Here Yet!by Concealed Voices Twisting and turning in my bed unable to sleep with my cheeks hurting from the beaming smile across my face on Christmas Eve is a vivid memory I will cherish until the day I die. The excitement of the unknown kept me awake for most of the … More Post 3


Exciting blogging fun for all Bloggers We love a bloggers tag – it’s a great way to connect with some of our favourite bloggers, get to know a little more about them and share some more about us. October is a great time of year, the shops are decorated with black and orange witches, skeletons, … More HALLOCTOBER

P is for Practice and Practise 21 Days of Abundance

Day 16 – Living Gratefully. Today, I remember being grateful. Being grateful is a lifelong practice and if it is to have any effect on our daily lives, we should practise being grateful, as often as we can. Practice – (the thing) Yoga and meditation are both practices. Practise (the doing) to perform (an activity) … More P is for Practice and Practise 21 Days of Abundance

Its Special.

Originally posted on ChehakChirps:
There are certain bonds that we make in life that are irreplaceable. Here something I wrote for one such special along! In the beginning we weren’t friends at all,  Had met her once in school, in the canteen across the hall.🙂 She wasn’t very sweet and hurt my lip pretty…


In this time of Covid, a lot of us are realising how our home life affects us. We might be finding that the kids get on our nerves more, or that our partners irritate us beyond belief. Or you might be feeling grateful for the time it had made for you to be able to … More Alone/Lonely

M is for Messages – 21 Days of Abundance

Alphabet of Abundance Day 13 – There is a way I can fill my true purpose in life. We are surrounded by messages from exchanging simple texts between friends and family, subliminal messages plastered across billboards, adverts that penetrate our subconscious, to what is impressed upon us via the news and papers.  It is almost an … More M is for Messages – 21 Days of Abundance

L is for Laws of The Universe (Spiritual Success) – 21 Days of Abundance

Alphabet of Abundance Day 12 – “I place my intension into the vast ocean of all possibilities and allow the universe to work through me”. When I stated 21 Days of Abundance, I had only ever heard of The Law of Attraction.  Since embarking upon this journey and learning about conscious living, I have come to realise that the Universe consists of … More L is for Laws of The Universe (Spiritual Success) – 21 Days of Abundance


What is happiness, what does it feel like and what causes it? These are the questions I’ve been asking myself recently. It sounds a bit like I’m asking about a disease, but all through my life, happiness has felt like something that everyone else has had, but I’m yet to catch it. Is it contagious? … More Happiness

H is for Healing – 21 Days of Abundance

Alphabet of Abundance Day 8 – Abundance and Law of Pure Potentiality.   “All that is invested in myself will pay for itself seven times over”  The task today was to write the above affirmation on your last five receipts.  This could be anything from a personal purchase to a necessary bill.  The idea is that each time you spend money on yourself to think of it as an … More H is for Healing – 21 Days of Abundance

G is for Grapes and Gratitude – 21 Days of Abundance

“Let your discomfort and pain push you into something new. Let your discomfort lead you into inventions”  Sunday Adelaja Alphabet of Abundance Day 7 – “I use my conscious intention to manifest my dreams“ I love our dining table with its bowl of fruit in the centre.  It is where I like to do most … More G is for Grapes and Gratitude – 21 Days of Abundance

F is for Flowing Freely – 21 Days of Abundance

“No one ever became poor from giving” Anne Frank Alphabet of Abundance Day 6 –“Everything I desire is with me” I started off a little unsure about today’s task and ended up in the most perfect place full of understanding and knowing, and happy with my realisation.  It was almost a light bulb moment. The … More F is for Flowing Freely – 21 Days of Abundance

21 Days of Abundance – A Guided Mediation

ALPHABET OF ABUNDANCE “Our thoughts generate words, words generate actions, actions – habits, habits – character, and character breeds fate.” – Mahatma Gandhi   Welcome to our daily musings.   Through this series “Alphabet of Abundance” we will be carefully journaling our experiences, as this will allow us to explore our feelings and talk through our discoveries.  As well as a … More 21 Days of Abundance – A Guided Mediation


Privilege Since being indoors, I’ve begun to ask myself big, worldly questions. One such question that is scrawling the inside of mind is to do with privilege. What is it? And what makes one privileged? For example, when I think of the word ‘privilege’, I think of someone who has absolutely no worries. They have … More Privilege

How Covid-19 Saved Me

It’s perhaps not the best title given the chaos already unleashed by this dreadful virus, and the fear is it could get worse before it gets better. You could say my title is in bad taste, perhaps.  What we Know People are at home with their lively-hoods at stake.  The Entertainment and Hospitality industries have … More How Covid-19 Saved Me