My First Time – Contents Page

Image by Monty Vern

Do you remember your first kiss, concert, relationship or loss? We wanted to created a series in which we could celebrate a diverse collection of first time stories. The start of Spring – new beginnings gave us the inspiration to create ‘My First Time’. A series of ‘First Time’ stories from our blogging community. Humorous, soulful, heart breaking and exciting sexual moments, captured in words and images. All images contained within My First Time are the bespoke works of Monty Vern.

We have more to come throughout the month of May. My First Time new guest posts out every Wednesday.

As well as My First Time, Monty Vern is curating an exclusive Behind The Scenes series, which gives us an insight into the thoughts behind the artwork. Monty lifts the veil on how he created such engaging and emotive images to accompany each individual post. My First Time…Behind The Scenes is out every Friday.

So much work goes into creating a collaboration like this, and most of all it is the good will and generosity of the blogging community.

A year into blogging and we are fortunate enough to have found great friends and space within the blogging world. We are incredibly lucky and hugely grateful to those bloggers who have shared with us and helped us along our blogging journey.

We hope you enjoy all the personal stories, and are compelled to comment on the posts and visit the bloggers we have featured in our series My First Time and Behind The Scenes.

Table of Contents

#1 Love at First…Song! By Michelle Oram. Behind The Scenes of Michelle’s Post by Monty Vern

#2 My First Time…I washed a woman By Luke Nicolle. Behind The Scenes of Luke’s post by Monty Vern

#3 My Guardian Angel by Sariye. Behind The Scenes of Sariye’s post by Monty Vern

#4 There is only one first time by And Smelly. Behind The Scenes of And Smellys post by Monty Vern

#5 The First Stage of My Life by Thomas Jasper. Behind The Scenes of Thomas’s post by Monty Vern

#6 My First Time – Learning a New Language by Catarina. Behind The Scenes of Catarina’s post by Monty Vern

#7 My First Time – Standing Up by Eric. Behind The Scenes of Eric’s post by Monty Vern

#8 My First Girl by Joseph Bowden. Behind The Scenes of Joey’s post by Monty Vern

#9 My First Hit by Monty Vern. Behind The Scenes by Monty himself!

#10 My First Time – Blogmas! by Katie Burrows. Behind The Scenes on Katie’s post by Monty Vern

#11 First Times by The Secret Submissive. Behind The Scenes on The Secret Submissives post by Monty Vern

#12 New Beginnings by Shelly DS. Behind The Scenes on New Beginnings post by Monty Vern

#13 The First Time I had a Panic Attack by Carson Bodhi

With love T.B.C