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Christmas Collaborations A Different Christmasby Life With KtKinnes Ah Christmas. My favourite time of the year! People on the streets are furious with each other because “do these people have no homes??”, traffic everywhere you turn, and everyone gets frustrated at hearing the same tinny music coming from the speakers in the shops. Everyone is … More Post 1

21 Days of Abundance – A Guided Mediation

ALPHABET OF ABUNDANCE “Our thoughts generate words, words generate actions, actions – habits, habits – character, and character breeds fate.” – Mahatma Gandhi   Welcome to our daily musings.   Through this series “Alphabet of Abundance” we will be carefully journaling our experiences, as this will allow us to explore our feelings and talk through our discoveries.  As well as a … More 21 Days of Abundance – A Guided Mediation


Privilege Since being indoors, I’ve begun to ask myself big, worldly questions. One such question that is scrawling the inside of mind is to do with privilege. What is it? And what makes one privileged? For example, when I think of the word ‘privilege’, I think of someone who has absolutely no worries. They have … More Privilege