H is for Healing – 21 Days of Abundance

Alphabet of Abundance Day 8 – Abundance and Law of Pure Potentiality.   “All that is invested in myself will pay for itself seven times over”  The task today was to write the above affirmation on your last five receipts.  This could be anything from a personal purchase to a necessary bill.  The idea is that each time you spend money on yourself to think of it as an … More H is for Healing – 21 Days of Abundance

How Covid-19 Saved Me

It’s perhaps not the best title given the chaos already unleashed by this dreadful virus, and the fear is it could get worse before it gets better. You could say my title is in bad taste, perhaps.  What we Know People are at home with their lively-hoods at stake.  The Entertainment and Hospitality industries have … More How Covid-19 Saved Me