Post 12

Christmas Collaborations

Illustration Monty Vern

Wrap up by T.B.C…

When we were initially talking about doing something for Christmas for our blog, we had no idea it would manifest in the way it has.  We tentatively reached out to some of our favourite bloggers and asked if they would like to celebrate the lead up to Christmas by writing Christmas stories for an unnamed collaboration. For us, not only was it a way to create Christmas content throughout December, but it was also a way of celebrating and giving back to those bloggers who gave us time, shared their expertise and who we learned so much from when it came to blogging.

The stories contained within our collaboration are not just “stories” but personal accounts from the lives of these bloggers. They are a snapshot of a memory, of a time in space that lets you in to their personal thoughts and feelings about the festive season, and much more. As creatives we thrive on stories. Stories are handed down through generations as they give us a sense of identity and belonging. They also allow us to take parts of old traditions that we like and build new ones, encouraging us to forge new identities and connections as we go along.  Stories connect us, not only to our own cultures and communities but also align us with communities beyond our immediate circle.  

We wanted to end the year on a positive note; we are all in this together and we will come out the other end, together.

Our Christmas Collaborations series has taught us that, although we may come from culturally diverse backgrounds, we share similar needs wants and desires, as well as stories and experiences. In the words of the late Jo Cox (British MP) “We are far more united and have far more in common than that which divides us.” And in a way, not only did we want to create content to spread a little Christmas cheer, we also wanted to create a space in which diversity was celebrated and all thoughts, ideas and theories were welcomed.

The Spirit of Christmas reverberates throughout the series. Whether that is learning the truth about Santa, giving the perfect gift, or making your own decorations, one thing rings true; we are, and all should be, grateful for what we have. That although we may not be able to spend Christmas with family members and loved ones, a seat at the table will always be reserved for them. That love and comfort is not found in expensive gifts but in the ever-present arms of those we love. That something unknown like snow, can bring so much joy and excitement to someone who has never experience it, and that we along with our planet can become Great by imagining a better world for humanity and every living organism. 

We can set the world ablaze with gratitude, compassion and understanding.

So we are at the end of Christmas Collaborations. It has been a fantastic collaboration with so much to feast your senses on. It goes without saying that we are tinged with a little sadness. We will miss not having to schedule posts/tweets/insta and fleets, or the buzz when a post goes live, or the likes, comments, retweets and banter on our blog and socials, Monty’s Cutting Room Floor Series (which had us in stitches) and of course the regular contact with our beautiful bloggers. It will leave a hole in our lives. BUT the collaboration has given us so much more that we could have ever expected. We are bursting with ideas for future blogging projects (being discussed as we speak) and we are immeasurably grateful for the deep connections made with all our amazing bloggers, who made this little dream a reality. It really was the best Christmas present T.B.C could receive.

With special thanks to @kvburton657, @chehakchirps, @concealedvoices , @beautycafe205, @TheThoughtfulBeggar, @TheSecretSubmissive, @AndSmelly, @TheDoubtingThomas and @MichelleOram13.

And huge thanks to the genius that is Monty Vern, who not only contributed a Christmas tale but also created ALL the beautiful illustrations for Christmas Collaborations. So full of cheek, humour, love and energy! He was also behind Monty’s Cutting Room Floor Series, which was born out of this collaboration. His positive “go get em attitude” was a true source of inspiration.

May you all remember how special and precious you are. May you always have stories to tell and may you all have a fantastic Christmas. Stay safe and be happy.

Here is to 2021, may it be our best year yet.

Merry Christmas from us at T.B.C…

8 thoughts on “Post 12

    1. This has been one very special collaboration. Thank you so much for all your support and for writing such a positive and uplifting post. I have passed 24 Wishes for Our World on to my nieces. We promise to keep flying the flag of making this world a better place. We are spreading love and compassion. Thank you Michelle. Here’s to the next one xxx

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  1. What a wonderful close to this amazing journey. Looking forward to a new year, new partnerships, new stories that bring us all together. Much love to all the contributors and special love to T.B.C. Be well, Monty.

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    1. Monty, you are a superstar and we have loved your input from the start. Thank you for suggesting to create the illustrations in the first place. Thank you for taking the time to read each story and come up with something so bespoke and unique. It was an absolute pleasure to work with you and we cannot wait for the next time such an opportunity. Team work makes Dream Work and this collaboration was a dream to curate. Thank you and be well yourself, Mighty Monty. With Love T.B.C.. xxx


    1. Unbelievable. We could not have dreamed the collaboration to have gone the way it did. Thank you so much for your gorgeous story. We loved the diversity within the collaboration and you brought that with your experience of never having seen snow. Ah just delightful. Merry Christmas – hope Blogmas has been going well for you. Here’s to the next one. Lots of love xxx

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