Poetry for the Soul

They say poetry is food for the tormented soul. It soothes, nourishes and proceeds to artfully comment upon the suffering felt by humans. If a writer or poet falls in love with you – it is said that you will forever be immortalised. How romantic! I’d love for some one to write poetry about me, all day and every day. I’d live for ever in the hearts and minds of the reader.

Poetry, like writing, or any kind of art, can help us to make sense of the world. To appreciate the beauty of every component of our world, and elevate us towards the feeling of love and gratitude. We had one such moment a good few weeks back, when socially distanced walks were still allowed. My sister and I, her two little ones and my folks decided to go for a walk along the river. The girls came with a small white board and pen, and that was it. We all turned in to seasoned poets scrabbling to capture the mood of the walk and the love that we felt for each other.

We started simply with writing down what we saw;
Pebbles. Clouds. Boats
Shells. Seaweed. Greens
Browns. Ducks. Sand. Water

And then, as we continued on our brisk, sea breezy walk, we came up with lines incorporating the words above.

The Clouds are fluffy in the sky
Ducks in the water passing me by
Crunching Pebbles under my feet
With crispy Green Seaweed
We pick Shells embedded in the yellowy Brown Sand
I wave to the Boats with my hands

It made us smile and it was an activity that we could all get involved in. It made us a team, it made us a family, it made us One! And we had created something, together.

I don’t know when I will next be able to go for a walk with my beautiful nieces and listen to them telling me about how they love school, and writing poetry, but we certainly captured the moment. It is a memory that I can look back on, fondly.

I maybe feeling the loss a little more of late, and that is no thanks to the pandemic, so the tone of this post may feel a little sombre. We haven’t seen the family face to face for months. I haven’t been able to visit my partner and just sit in his embrace for hours. Smell his hair or look deep in his eyes with out the barrier of a screen. I haven’t been able to visit my friends for what feels like years. It hurts, and I don’t know how long this will go on for. But, we are positive and we find our way through creativity, connection though the power of WhatsApp facetime and self expression through poetry. Enjoy!


7 thoughts on “Poetry for the Soul

  1. Poetry indeed is for the tormented soul.
    This was a beautiful post that had beautiful memories . It truly touched me. I hope you get to see your sister and her loved ones soon in the future. Sending you love and hugs x

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    1. Aren’t they just Michelle. We are holding on and having faith that soon this will all be a distance memory, and we can once again hug, kiss dance and tell each other stories, in person. Hope you and yours are safe and well xxx

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  2. What an absolutely lovely way to poetically spend a day. I feel like I was walking along with you and the family when reading. Thanks for sharing!


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