Ramblings on Christmas Eve…

It’s Christmas Eve and I am just sitting in here, full from having had fish and chips for tea. Yes, you heard right Fish n Chips on Christmas Eve. Home made and they were delicious. We’ve just finished watching Eastenders and Ian Beale is still alive. He’s such a crook, shame one of his son’s hasn’t knocked him out yet! We quite fancy Suki Panesar doing the deed. She formidable and seems like the type, in fact we quite like the Panesars. Every time they are on, we get a sense of excitement. Perhaps because for us it’s a case of representation. I mean they are not the most moralistic Asian family on the telly, (we’re fine with that) but they are dynamic, exciting and unpredictable. Suki squaring up to Phil last week was FIRE!!! If you hadn’t guessed it already, we are fans of the British soap.

I wanted to write a post for Christmas Eve as a way of wishing all of our followers a Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays and a better 2021. We’ve also decided to take a little Social Media break; 24th December – 10 January. In fact, since yesterday, we have been trying to ween ourselves off the constant need to check twitter and Instagram, mainly for our personal accounts. It’s like a drug. We need the fix every second and we had to question why we were checking our socials so frequently. There had been no notifications, for at least an hour, and in that hour I had spent only 2 mins AWAY from my phone. I’ve gotten so used to scrolling aimlessly, allowing myself to get wound up by the racism, hatred and general nastiness, and disregard for human life and our environment.

This year has been a fucker of year, goes without saying. It’s hurt our soul, damaged our relationships and taken some of the best people we know away, forever. It’s shown us that there is a huge lack of respect for the Arts. We understand this too depends on which side of the fence you sit on. However, if you run a blog, are an artist, jewellery designer, handbag maker, fashion designer, even a consumer – you know how important diversity and the Arts are. And yet, here we were arguing the toss away with some racist(s) who identified themselves as long arbitrary numbers, supporting St George’s flag on their profiles. It’s soul destroying and exhausting to have to explain to someone why you have the right to exist, why you should be awarded the same rights as them…really? Do we really need to justify who has the right to live where and how?? Humanity has sunk to a new low, and it was more than necessary for us to step away.

We know this is just a small section of society. There are people out their who do restore your faith in humanity – our beautiful blogging community for one. We recently came across Khalsa Aid, a charity that works internationally to help those in war torn countries, in desperate need. They are based in England and felt like it was their responsibility to step up, and feed 100’s of lorry drivers stranded on the M20 and in Kent. Their reason – ‘Humanity’. Truckers stranded, caught up in a political power play by our governments, all just wanting to be home for Christmas. That warmed our hearts and we learned about that via social media (then mainstream news), and we know there are many other people and organisations working further afield to help our humanity. But for some reason the voice of good is being drowned out by the ‘baddies’ and it has just became a little too much to handle.

However, we are not ones to be defeated. We will come back stronger and continue our quest to change the world in our own little way. Our fantastic blogging community have kept us going this year and we are grateful to have found this space. Our Blog Squad made us immensely proud by contributing to Christmas Collaborations and making it a huge success. So, we are absolutely looking forward to 2021 and what it has in store for us, with regards to our blogging journey.

The end of the year is also a time to take stock, find new energy, make new decisions and set intentions.

Until then fellow bloggers, we have massive respect for each and every one of you creating and promoting content for your blog, for sharing your feelings and letting us in. Thank you.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday season. Drink lots, eat even more and share time with those you can this Christmas.

Merry Christmas and Love from T.B.C…

5 thoughts on “Ramblings on Christmas Eve…

  1. I nominate “fucker of the year” as the most quotable quote for this year-ends celebration. Yet, as you mention, this has been a fucker of the year with many small blessings. I look forward to the unknown year ahead with positivity. Perhaps it will be another fucker of a year, or a better fuck? But either way I take these blessing with me – like the ability to connect with beautiful hearted people like you despite distance, disease, and apparent global insanity. Thanks for this post. Thanks for most quotable quote. And most of all thanks for being part of this wonderful little and growing community that appreciates and promotes the humanity in humans. So let’s send this fucker year off with appreciation and love. Be well, Monty.

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