I is for Intention – 21 Days of Abundance

“Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.” – Carl Jung

Alphabet of Abundance

Day 9 – Today and every day I give what I want to receive.

According to psychiatrist and psychologist Carl Jung our intensions create our reality.  This means that the responsibility to create exemplary lives, full of purpose, starts with us being intentional about how we want to live.

Let’s take a moment to reflect on this.  How many of us are intentional about our days, let alone our lives? How many of us wake up in the morning and take the time to really think about what we want and why?

I’d hedge a bet that most of us; wake up in the morning, stretch, get out of the bed from the same side, put on the same comfy slippers, go for a pee and head to the kitchen to make coffee.  We grab the post on our way to the sofa and read whilst sipping our coffee, without thinking about any of it.  As a result, our whole day is spent on auto pilot with us occasionally reacting to things, and getting angry because we are having a bad day.

21 Days of Abundance has been a real learning curve for us, and thus far has encouraged us to think about how we can lead more meaningful lives.  However, for us to create our desired reality we must take heed of a couple of things. 1. We must be clear about what we want. 2 We must clear negative thoughts from our subconscious and focus on the belief that we can do, be and have anything we want.

Today’s task starts with listing 5 things that prevent you from progressing. There are many but I chose; jealousy, arrogance, sulking, being too controlling and lack of patience.  Once these were down on paper I felt quite sad for myself.  There is something quite profound about seeing words written down on paper, especially about yourself. They seem to resonate on a deeper level.

21 Days has encouraged me acknowledge that although these behaviours are part of me I am not defined by them. I am also reminded that I have the power to let negative feelings pass, and that I can choose to behave in a more positive manner. In the moment where I make the choice to move from negative to positive, or even chose something different, I am creating my intension to reach for better feeling thoughts. I am creating my future.

It reminds me a little bit like gardening. Once we’ve pulled up all the weeds, and the soil is clean and charged with positivity from the sun, good quality plants and flowers can begin to grow. Think of all the biodiversity a little love and attention can attract.

Here are 5 easy ways of setting your intentions

1. Set your intentions in the morning and be specific

Setting your intentions first thing helps to start your day in the right direction. Being specific gives you focus and purpose. Sometimes, just for fun I have set myself the intention of seeing how much free stuff I can attract. This has taken form in a number of ways; time with loved ones, free coffees, soaps, desserts and cars (yes cars! I talk about it in an older post How Covid-19 Saved Me). I even got given some free Anne Summers gear once. (we’ll leave exactly what and how for another post…perhaps!).

2. Declare your intention to yourself

We must be accountable for the changes we want to see in our lives. Saying our intentions out loud and writing them down (or even drawing a picture) helps us to be sure of what we want, and further cement our desires into our subconscious. Every time I have written an intention down, with regards to work, I have been astounded at the return. The universe has delivered in ways that I could not have ever imagined.

3. Repeat and Remind

Do this as often as you can throughout the day. Repetition reinforces our intentions and this helps to keep us focused and mindful of our actions. By becoming aware of our thoughts and behaviours, we can alter our actions so that they are in line with our intentions. This is conscious living.

4. Ask for what you want and then let it go.

Try not to control the process, allow it to be organic. Our job is to ask and then fully expect for it to be delivered. The universe is abundant in all things, there is no scarcity.  Trust the process and exercise patience. It is coming and the Universe is on your side.

5. Be grateful for everything.

This keeps us grounded in the present moment and allows us to be open to receiving whatever comes our way. When our awareness shifts, we start to notice all the free stuff that surrounds us, in abundance.

Ultimately this process is about the messages we send ourselves and out into the universe. Once we become aware of the exchange between conscious and subconscious, we will become clearer on what we want and how to ask for it.

One word of warning – be careful what you ask for, because you will get it. This is why it is important to ensure that we always reach for good feeling thoughts. Setting intentions not only gives us a reason to feel positive but it also shows us that when we pay attention and focus, we can attract great things.

Abundance “is our birth right”. We have the right to ask for it.

Feel free to add your ways of creating Intentions to our list. We would love to hear what works for you too!

Have a wonderfully abundant Tuesday.


9 thoughts on “I is for Intention – 21 Days of Abundance

    1. It is something we hadn’t really considered, seriously before. And then we did 21 Days and it really has opened up a new world for us. Thank you for stopping by and your comment is very much appreciated x


  1. Waking up with intention and conscious thought can be a battle, we’re so absent minded caught up in our routines and restraints we don’t engage with our inner narrative. The benefits you speak of are exactly the reason to state your intentions, there is much to be said about the process but more importantly than anything you can manifest everything you give energy to, so make sure they are good, positive and fulfilling thoughts.
    Another insightful and interesting post, I’m loving this series.
    Lots of love, She x

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