Blogtober ’21 Poem

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Midnights Beast

It comes late at night.
2 am to be precise
I can’t mute the sound
It bangs and crashes around

The rumble comes like thunder
It’s breaks my resolve and I plunder
Deep into hysteria
It’s crispy shell and soft interior

It whispers my name ever so gently
But I know its trying to wake me
I turn around and try to quieten
The calling that is now so heightened

But hiding now is just so impossible
As I face my fears and do the unthinkable
Down the stairs I slowly creep
The freeze door it slowly creeks

I turn around to look behind me
No one there just the cat, Billy
I turn back around and that is it
Lost and found, I’ve been hit

And the gluttonous devil grabs hold of my face
As I peril into humiliation and utter disgrace
Of the worst midnight snack ever
A Mint Magnum with Black Pepper


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