It’s warm inside

Another Blogtober poem

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Crispy crunchy fallen leaves
Browns, yellow orange and greens.

How the season changes so
Full of warm Autumnal glow

Nights draw in and the temperature drops
Crackling fires stacked with logs

Hot Chocolate and cream to soothe the soul
An oversized Arran jumper, blanket in tow

My favourite thing big fluffy socks
Fur lining inside, baby soft on top

Pumpkins’ carved on the windowsill’s
Scary faces, fangs and eyes to kill

Spiced pumpkin curry bubbling in a pot
Spoon it out and eat it pipping hot

Horror films planned for each October night
Though I’ll fall asleep before the big fright

Or interrupted by cheeky Trick or Treaters
Who’ll only leave when they’ve had their sweeties

Then into bed with a good book
Before nodding off proper and good!


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