Autumn Chorus #3 Mood Board

We’ve taken so many pictures this Autumn, perhaps because we wanted to post them for all to see but also because this year we fell in love with Autumn. I for one have never witnessed such beauty in this season – maybe I just didn’t look for it. Maybe I blocked myself with the fact that I don’t like the cold and so I just shut down. Perhaps I just thought it always rains in Autumn, the nights draw in and it all feels a little depressing – much like today.

However, the rain did stop, the clouds did clear and we had so many cute little trick or treaters, more than we have ever had before. We had to run to the local shop to get more treats. Part of the reason could be the fact that we put our pumpkins outside this time, rather than displaying them in the window inside. It’s been so lovely to have the little kids from our neighbourhood stop by this evening, and they’ve all looked fantastic in their costumes. They’ll all be on sugar highs no doubt hehe!

So here is the last of our Autumn #blogtober in pictures post. No better way to tell someone how beautiful something is than to actually show them.

Mood Board #1

I loved the colour of these leaves so much. I collected them on the way back to my hotel, after work one day. I couldn’t get enough, I think even the staff at the hotel thought I’d had lost my mind. Sorry for the overkill heheh!

Mood Board #2

Mood Board #3

Seriously, you will not regret turning the insides of your pumpkins into curry as well as soups, pies and lattes. Such a versatile fruit! That’s right I said fruit – don’t believe me have a read of this post by Jasperden Health on the 8 Health Benefits of pumpkin

Mood Board #4

Some displays from around our way and far away!

Happy Halloween all. Sleep well and perhaps next time we will be better prepared for #blogtober.

We hope you have enjoyed our content. We loved it, even though we realise how much hard work actually goes into curating #blogtober. Until the next time our lovely bloggers.


4 thoughts on “Autumn Chorus #3 Mood Board

    1. Offt – it was hard and next year we need to prepare better, because life does get in the way. But thank you for supporting us throughout our Blogtober. We have learned actually that we quite like the moodboard posts. Lazy perhaps but we think “expressive” heheh! Hope all is well with you. xx


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